After 800-meter walk, Presidency declares Buhari fit to run for 2019


The presidency declared President Buhari physically fit to run for 2019 presidential election in response to Tambuwal statement.

The Sokoto Governor, Governor Tambuwal had earlier stated that one of the reasons he jumped ship to People Democratic Party PDP was that Buhari was too ill to rule Nigeria. Governor Tambuwal in his statement said that Buhari is a good man, but a cabal had captured his government and is now making decisions on his behalf. The governor continues that Buhari was too sick to take control over his government, and his good intentions could not be actualized.

Tambuwal made this statement in lieu of the president last 10 days medical vacation to the United Kingdom where he went for a check-up.

Prior to this, the president had spent much time in the United Kingdom receiving treatment which had raised many concerns over his health and ability to govern properly.

However, the Presidency had replied to Governor Tambuwal and declared the president fit to run for the general election in 2019. This was after the president walked about 800km from the mosque to his home in Duara after his prayer to mark the Muslim celebration. The president shows great physical strength as he trekked unaided after his prayer amidst a crowd of supporters.

The presidency responded that if the president is physically fit to trek across 800km, then that is a sign that he is good condition physically.

Tambuwal had to decamp from the ruling party APC to the PDP in order to stand a chance to run at the presidency. This is as it continues to seem that the APC will field the incumbent amidst concern over his health for the general election.

Tambuwal remains one of the key contestants for the opposition party to run against Buhari in 2019 among others like Atiku, Kwankwaso and Saraki who had just joined the race.