Atiku plans on giving 40% of cabinet to women and youth


atiku-ready-made-plansThe People Democratic  Party PDP, Presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar said he has his plan ready for Nigeria and hope to reveal it in the next few days.

Atiku Abubakar said his plans including making 40% of his cabinet available for women and youth. The presidential aspirants lamented about the state of the country regarding the economy.

“Nigeria under Buhari is now the world HQ for extreme poverty. If we are to change that, we must empower women & youths,” Atiku said.

“Therefore, I give an undertaking that if by the grace of God, I am elected by you the good people of Nigeria, at least 40% of my cabinet would be women & youths.”

Atiku concluded that he has plans to revamp the economy as he has the right blueprint to ensure that the economy of the country improves. The presidential aspirants referenced to his days as the vice president under Obasanjo.

He pointed out that they ensure that the economy of the country improves by setting up policies that encouraged young Nigerians to come back to the country and invest.

He reminded Nigerians how the government that he was vice president to Olusegun Obasanjo help to improve the telecom industry, policies that strengthen the banks and so many others that saw that the environment was suitable for businesses.

He promised that his policy which will be unveiled soon would help to improve the lives of youth and women. He mentioned how the country is losing talents as youth migrates to other countries for greener pasture. He also stated that the policy would help create an enabling environment for business to thrive.

Atiku is the major opposition to president Buhari after winning the primary of the People Democratic Party on October 6.