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Poultry diseases, causes, treatments

As a farmer in Nigeria, you need to have first-hand information of seasonal impact on poultry and harsh-weather-resistant breeds and feed formulation. Seasons in Nigeria have led to varying degrees of poultry production. Poultry production … Read more

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Best egg laying chicken breeds


First, there are three breeds of birds namely; cockerels, broilers, and Layers. Several facts distinguish these breeds of birds. For broilers, they develop very fast – in about 3 months after the hatch, they are … Read more

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How to become a farmer in Nigeria


If you intend to venture into farming business in Nigeria, it is advisable to follow the steps highlighted below for a successful business. Identify a farming problem The first step is to identify a farming … Read more

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Nigerian states and what they produce


Nigeria is a blessed nation because virtually all states produce crops. Let us look at the crops produced by different states as highlighted below.   S/N AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS STATES 1 Oil Palm Ogun, Anambra, Cross … Read more

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Sustainable agricultural practices in Nigeria

Agriculture in Nigeria needs to be transformed to promote the economy of Nigeria. Due to the vast agricultural resources prevalent in Nigeria, it needs to operate an economy that is diversified and not solely dependent … Read more