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Top Car selling sites in Nigeria


There are numerous sites in Nigeria to auction your car for sale without much hassle and complications. Whether it is a second-hand car or used car, the car selling sites highlighted below are reliable and can be relied upon whenever you are looking to purchase a car. Most auto dealers have exploited the potentials and […]

Top 15 shipping companies in Nigeria


Goods like automobile accessories, agricultural products, minerals, crude oil, and raw materials are all conveyed to their several locations through the sea. This tends to boost the economy of Nigeria through the exchange of money and resources. There are lots of shipping companies offering freight services or shipping of goods from one country to another. […]

10 best sites (wallets) to buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria


At this point in the financial history of the world, it is obvious that cryptocurrency has come to stay. Initially, it was received with missed reactions, some financial institutions even spoke out against it. And when Bitcoin fell majorly last year, it seemed as though it was the end of all things. Those of you […]

Nigerian Navy ranks, symbols and salary structure 2019


What would be today’s Nigerian Navy was originally conceived as a quasi-military organization. The military outfit has seen many changes including becoming an arm of the Nigerian armed forces. Like any military organization across the globe, there is an absolute need to establish a clear chain of command. The chain of command is usually in […]

List of key empowerment programmes in Nigeria


Nigeria’s population is estimated at 200 million with more than half its people under the age of 30. Such youthful population has continuously put a severe strain on its economy and rapidly dwindling revenues. With a median age of 17.9, the youths form a huge reservoir of unutilized economic, social and technological energy. Empowering the […]