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10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Egypt

Egypt is considered the oldest tourist destination in the world from the dawn of civilisation. It has awe-inspiring ancient sights and ample national treasures that make you dilly-dally in taking holidaying decisions.

Presented below is the list of the ten prettiest places you can visit in Egypt and enjoy your stay to the fullest.

1. Alexandria – a historic and elegant port city


It is Egypt’s second-largest city and it feels so much like Athens because of its Mediterranean and cosmopolitan nature. It was a fashionable city because of its great buildings. Although, the beauty is not as it used to be. It remains a must-see for anyone that is looking for where to visit in Egypt. Alexandria has, museums, hotels, and self-catered vacation rentals that visitors will not like to miss.

2. Cairo – Egypt’s buzzing capital


Cairo is one of the dream places to visit for travellers in Egypt. You meet people who are fans of history with their well preserved old traditions at different corners of the city. There is also enough supply of ancient temples, churches, tombs, museums and monuments to explore. Street markets and the famous Khan el-Khalili are among the sightseeing places in Cairo.

3. Mount Sinai – Egypt’s stunning Holy Mountain

From Cairo to Mount Sinai takes between one to two days trip. This mountain has a different feeling to the rest of the country. The books of the Bible and Quran have a lot of references concerning this mountain, pointing to the fact that it has great religious significance. Is it not worthwhile to visit such a place? I think it is. It is the place where Moses received the ten commandments.

You can hike on this mount, and the best time to do so is between 2 and 3 a.m., to get a better view of the sunrise, which is a pretty sight to behold.  

4. Saint Catherine’s Monastery – An incredible sacred site


In the whole world, Saint Catherine’s Monastery is the oldest working monastery. It is found just below the mount of Sinai and is a great tourist site in Egypt.

Saint Catherine’s Monastery is incredibly beautiful and seen beside an exciting acres of dry waterless landscape. You will also find the cage of the old monk’s skulls and the preserved hand of Saint Catherine. 

5. Luxor – The pharaoh’s capital


One thousand years after the construction of the Great Pyramids, the New magnificent Kingdom arose in Egypt, and power shifted from the ancient capital of Memphis to Thebes in the south, the site of modern-day Luxor. Luxor is one of the beautiful places to visit in Egypt. It is an open-air museum with many monuments that could not be compared in the whole world to entertain the eyes.

It has valleys of Kings and Queens that have over 60 carved underground tombs on each.

6. The Red Sea Coast – a beautiful diver’s paradise


It is a holiday resort with many hotels and casinos. Its red sea has clear azure waters, uncountable exotic fishes, and corals. This is why it is known as a diving destination.

7. Dahab – a laid-Back resort attracting backpackers and divers


This town is located on the Southeast Coast of the Sinai Peninsula and it has a lot of beauties that attract travellers and hippies that need a peaceful environment for relaxation. It has a golden sandy beach with unbelievable ocean views. The most talked-about Blue Hole is near Dahab. It has sparkling blue water that gives amazing sight to the eyes.

8. Pyramids at Giza – Egypt’s must-see destination


Pyramid are top-rated attractions situated in Egypt. Over 4,600 years old, the Pyramid and Sphinx of Giza are the only existing Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. . They are great sites to behold, and so visitors should not visit Egypt without going there.

9. The Nile – Egypt’s world-famous spectacular river


The Nile is located on the rural part of Egypt. It is made up of many famous temples, and ancient sites recorded in the bible. You can use a boat to cruise around the river for sightseeing, but if you are not the boat type, you can get to the banks of Aswan to have a better view of the sunset – wonderful sight to behold. Exploring Nile can take a few days. So it is not what you can go in a rush. It has attractive fauna and flora that are appealing to the eyes.

10. Hurghada – a beautiful and popular beach resort


Hurghada is located on the Northeast coast of Egypt beneath the Gulf of Suez. It is a wide river that covers 40 miles along the Red Sea Coast.

Initially, it was a fishing town but in the past decades. It has widely grown to become the centre of great tourist attraction for visitors. It has many beautiful restaurants, tourist attractions and accommodation options that you can comfortably choose.

Some of the luxurious resorts are Makadi Bay, El Gouna and Sahl Hasheesh, and they are all well-equipped to make their visitors feel pampered.

The peak of its attraction is its natural beauty with pristine beaches, bright white sand and crystal clear water. The coastline contains dotted coral reefs that attract divers.

If you are a reef lover, you can spare some time to check out Careless Reef, Omo Gamaar and Giftun Island.

You can now take your time to evaluate and choose the places you want to check out in Egypt on your next visit.

Chinonye Ikebaku

This article was written by Chinonye Ikebuaku.