FIFA suspends Sierra Leone


    fifa-suspends-sierra-leoneThe world football organizing body, FIFA had announced the suspension of Sierra Leone Football Association over government interference in the organization.

    The Sierra Leone government arrested the head of the SLFA, Isha Johansen and the secretary, Christopher Kamara following allegation of corruption.

    FIFA had warned the nations under its body to be independent of government interference and that the football bodies should be run freely from the government.

    FIFA said in a statement that it had requested “that both be allowed to access the SLFA premises without further delay to ensure that the operations of the SLFA, including FIFA-funded projects, are not jeopardised.”

    “The suspension will be lifted once the SLFA and its recognised leadership… have confirmed to FIFA that the SLFA administration, premises, accounts and communication channels are under their control once again,” the statement said.

    FIFA warned that the decision will not be reverted until they receive confirmation that the arrested SLFA members have been released from prison.

    The FIFA stance on government interference has been a gray area as stated by sport analysts. They wonder how FIFA will expect cases like corrupt practices or misappropriation of funds meant for the national organization to be investigated and prosecuted without involving of the government.

    Nigeria almost faced similar predicament when the government were interfering in the leadership tussle in the glasshouse. The Nigeria Football Federation, NFF was able to settle their differences and got the house in order before the deadline provided by FIFA.

    The football organization, FIFA managed to stay independent over the years, with proper accounting of the body. It has also encouraged the football bodies under FIFA to operate independently and avoid from government interference totally.