How IGP action disrupts peace deal between Buhari and Saraki

photo: daily trust

In view of the mass defection in the House of Assembly and House of Rep, new details have emerged about how the IGP scuttle the deal between Buhari and Saraki.

Earlier on, the President had surprised everyone involved when he openly apologized to the Senate president, Bukola Saraki on the treatment he received during the last years. Saraki, who was stunned by the president apology, was reported to have taken it in good tides. He was believed to have been considering his defection to PDP as he was reported to have promised the president to talk to others who were involved in plans to dump the party.

However, the tables were turned when the IGP requested that Saraki should report to the police for questioning regarding the Offa robbery. This action led to the collapse of the deal brokered between the President and Saraki in the presence of the new party chairman, Adam Oshiomhole and Vice President, Osinbajo.

It was believed that the President may not have been aware of the plans of the police to invite Saraki for questioning. While there are speculations that this might be part of a plot to impeach the senate president, a plan which was believed to have been mastermind by the New APC chairman. However, Saraki was able to beat the plans as he got wind of the police action the day before.

The president held a meeting with the IGP after the incident that saw the police blocked the convoy of the senate president. It was believed that the presidency was not happy about how the police took action to disregard free movement of the senate president and he ordered them to hold back any further action of the police on the senate president.

And since the peace brokered between the president and the senate president, the APC led party by Adams Oshiomhole had vowed to ensure that Saraki will lose his position as the senate president.