John McCain, senator and former presidential candidate, dies at 81


One-time presidential candidate and senator for the Republican Party and wartime hero, Senator McCain has passed on.

Senator John McCain had been battling with cancer for years and just recently announced that he had stopped the cancer treatment he was on. The Senator had been a leading voice for the Republican Party in the house and had served his country as a military man and a politician.

Senator John McCain was a war hero who was captured during the Vietnam War and was released when the war came to an end after spending years in captivity. The senator went into politics to continue serving his nation and was in the house for years, serving his country as a senator. The highlight of his political career was when he won the presidential ticket for the Republican Party and eventually lost the race to Barack Obama who then became the irate black man to be president of the United States.

The Senator had been a strong critic of President Donald Trump, and they had exchanged strong words as he had openly criticized the style of the president.

Senator John McCain took time off recently to undergo treatment as he battled cancer, until the announcement of his death. There have been messages of condolences to the family of McCain and one of those is from President Trump who offered his deepest sympathies and respect to the family of Senator John McCain on Saturday night, setting aside a yearslong, bitter and often deeply personal feud between the two men.

Top news agencies are reporting that Senator John McCain requested that former presidents, George W Bush and Barack Obama deliver the eulogies in his funeral.  Senator John McCain died at the age of 81 years and spent 35 years in the Congress as a senator of the United States of America after serving in the navy.