Labour accuses FG of back-peddling on agreement


The Nigeria Labour Congress had accused the Federal Government of back-peddling on the agreement met by the tripartite agreement.

The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC had earlier announced that the government and the committee set up to negotiate on the new minimum wage had reached an agreement. However, the minister of labour and productivity, Chris Ngigie had denied that the Federal Government had come to an agreement with the NLC on the new minimum wage.

This has led to Labour faulting the Federal Government of trying to negate on the agreement met by the tripartite committee to set the minimum wage on N30, 000. The Nigeria Labour Congress said the Labour had agreed on the N30, 000 minimum wages to ease the pressure the private sector will face in meeting to a higher minimum wage. The private sector had appealed to the Congress that setting the new minimum wage higher will affect their productivity.

The NLC revealed that all parties involved had agreed to set the new minimum wage at N30, 000 and just had to sign the clean paper. They revealed that they all agreed to sign the clean paper in front of the president and promised not to reveal the agreed amount of the new minimum wage to the public.

The Nigeria Labour said they were caught back at the remark of the minister that they had failed to agree. The labour representative said they are worried as it seems the Federal Government is playing on a new trick to beat down the minimum wage down. The NLC said this would be met with stiff resistance as they will stick to the agreed figure.

The minister of labour had earlier said that negotiation for the new minimum wage is still ongoing, despite labour complaint that they had exhausted their budget set for the negotiation.