Photos: A lone and rare Mandarin duck is hanging out in New York’s Central Park


mandarin-duckA rare Mandarin duck, Aix galericulata, has mysteriously appeared in New York’s Central Park.

The lone male duck is not commonly seen in US and has been strangely spotted several times in the middle of Manhattan in recent weeks.

The species is native to East Asia, and many people thought it has escaped from a private owner.

Mandarin ducks, which are native to East Asia, are known for their multi-coloured feathers and pink bill.

The sudden emergence was not good for the wood duck and therefore has dethroned the wood duck as the “prettiest duck in the park”.

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It all started on October 10, according to a Twitter account that tracks bird sightings in Central Park.

It disappeared for several weeks before resurfacing last week in a pond in the park’s southeast corner near 59th and Fifth Avenue.

New Yorkers and tourists have frequently visited the pond just to catch a glimpse of the now famous duck.

Holly Mascaro, a New York based bird watcher, described the duck as “the hottest bachelor in NYC”, and wrote that he was “trying to fit in with the mallards”.

It is not clear how the lone duck arrived in New York. Some people have noted that he appears to be able to fly, which is something most domestic ducks can’t do.

There is a small tag spotted on the duck’s leg and people speculated that it has escaped from a nearby local zoo.

Central Park Zoo, who do have a mandarin duck, confirmed the one currently in the park does not belong them.

To the surprise of Friends fans everywhere, it is illegal to keep a duck as a pet in New York City.

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