Mercy Aigbe denies her house was bought by a governor


mercy-denies-house-bought-by-governorThe stunning and beautiful Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe had denied rumours flying around that her mansion was a gift from a serving governor.

Mercy Aigbe was the number one trending topic on social media for the past few days, as Nigerians discussed her new mansion which some sources claimed was bought for her by a Governor.

Mercy Aigbe reacted through her Instagram handle and debunked the rumors. She said that she bought the house with her hard-earned money and blasted those spreading such ill lies.

Her post read “Dear Bloggers, the mumu upcoming script writer! and association of instablog bad belle, jobless commentators….this house you see in this picture was bought with my hard work and God’s grace (not that I owe y’all an explanation)……..since you have taken it upon yourselves to be in my business, pls employ a very good private investigator, a pastor, an Alfa or a Babalawo to help you in further investigations….so you won’t be peddling stupid rumours that have no iota of truth in it!….let me quickly warn you that more is coming oh!!!

Because something HUGE is cooking I am just getting started Just one house una wan DIE !!!!!!

Wait till you see what is next!…..


She also regarded herself as a hardworking woman, who has been acting for over 15 years. And with so much endorsement deals and a beauty line and thus can afford a house on her own.

She warned them that if just this mansion got her trending, then Nigerians should brace themselves for more, as she has just started.

Her comment got many Nigerians reacting on social media as some solicit with her on the way people view successful women.

The beautiful Yoruba actress is not new to controversy, as she has had numerous trending episodes especially with her estranged husband.