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10 things to do or see in Namibia

Namibia is in southwest Africa and is characterised by the Namib desert along its Atlantic Ocean coast.

It has unique attributes and is attractive for tourism. It is a land of shifting dunes, colossal red rocks and mountains that can rise towards the sky. In light of that, Namibia is one of the leading tourist destinations in Africa for tourists and animal researchers in Africa.

Reasons to Visit Namibia

  • It is politically stable 
  • A safe destination
  • Amazing red dunes 
  • Opportunity to meet Africa’s rarest species
  • Affordable

Sossusvlei – surrounds by dunes


Sossusvlei is one of the must-see places in Namibia. It is located in a national park with intense sun, and snakes move over the sand. It surrounds by hulking dunes, which are among the highest in the world.

It has a colossal mound of a dune as high as 350 meters above the sea. The most popular way for the visitors to get incredible sight of the environment is through 4 x 4 tours. Among the animals you can see here are the antelopes, springbok, ostrich and oryx.

Etosha National Park – large salt pan


Etosha National park is a large salt pan in northwestern Namibia. For more than 100 years, Etosha National Park has housed many rare species. It was announced as a game reserve in 1907 when so many people alive today had not been born. It has wildlife like zebras, elephants and black rhinos that appears at the watering holes.

Skeleton Coast Park – Wild Landscapes


Skeleton Coast Park is one of the wild landscapes of Namibia. It is at the point where the arid desert of the inland meets the ocean. It has a lot of dunes and attractive Atlantic waves and covers a landmass of 500 kilometres. It is known as one of the most dangerous sections of shoreline compared to others globally. A good reason one needs to be careful when exploring it. There are old stories of sailors who perished there, and because of it, elephants and pestering hyenas made Skeleton Coast Park their domain. Who knows, that might be where it derived its name. 


Windhoek is a very minute place in Namibia but attracts tourists and visitors. Life in Windhoek started as a pastoral settlement enriched with freshwater springs. Swabian beer bars decorate Windhoek making nightlife exceptionally lively. There is also the rougher side of Windhoek, where Namibian life faces trials. 


Twyfelfontein – UNESCO heritage site


It is exceptional because of its ancient rock art. Compared with other places in Namibia, it is not a tourist place per se because of its scarce wildlife. But the ancient rock art has made it stand out among others, and people like visiting it to view the rock art. It also has mountains and savannah plains. UNESCO tags it as a heritage site in 2007, and you will not be making a wrong choice if you pen it down as one of the places to visit in Namibia.

Namib – Naukluft National Park

Namib – Naukluft National Park contains iconic dunes, a centre of attraction for visitors and tourists. It has acacia trees that have stayed up to 700 years old with mudflats. Acacia trees make it a sight to behold because you can hardly see mudflats easily in other parts of the world and trees that have stayed up to that number of years. It also has beaches where visitors can stay and relax their nerves. 


Caprivi Strip in West Southern Africa


Caprivi Strip is located in west southern Africa and is almost half the length of Namibia. Its climatic zone is unique and is not seen anywhere in the country.

hat is a good reason you need to visit to have a first-hand story to tell. It also serves as a connecting bridge for wildlife drifting from inland towards the coast. Some of the wildlife seen in the Caprivi Strip are the Namibian elephants and the African wild dogs.

When the civil war ended in the 1990s, Caprivi Strip started shifting focus to its exceptional fauna and flora, which includes the Game Reserve Zebras in the Mahango and Salambala Conservancy.

Kolmanskop – Ghost town of Namibia


Kolmanskop is referred to as the ghost town of Namibia and is an eerie and haunting place. The place was abandoned in the 20th century, making the metropolitan buildings dilapidated. 

But before the abandonment, it was once the richest town enriched with a diamond easily seen lying on the ground in the 1900sAt that period Kolmanskop had its fire station, ice factory and school. Tourists usually come to take snapshots of the abandoned place and emptiness.

Walvis Bay in Atlantic coast


Walvis Bay is located on the Atlantic Coast and has access to one of the most beautiful deep water harbours. Many countries had passed through Walvis Bay, each raising its dock structures and depots. The Portuguese passed through it, followed by Brits and then the Germans during the First World War. Adding to the colonial conflicts in the past, it has become one of the top tourist draws. 

Visitors can engage in kite surfing along the beaches, loads of fishing opportunities, and sandboarding. You can also see tour organisers advertise excursions to the bird-rich islands on the sea. So you can choose the activities you want to undertake on your visit. 

Fish River Canyon in great mountains of Southern Africa


The Fish River Canyon winds and weaves is seen between the great mountains of Southern Africa. It is decorated with red-hued rocks on top of the valley with pits of deep sand and colossal boulders. During sunset, it glows blood-red against the landscapes. It is a great site for hikers and spans 88 kilometres of the landmass.

Namibia travel advice

The new COVID-19 Omicron variant is highly transmissible in southern African countries. Namibia has restrictions in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please check the embassy of Namibia in your jurisdiction and also the link below for more information:

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Chinonye Ikebaku

This article was written by Chinonye Ikebuaku.