Niger Delta militants abort 7-month ceasefire



YENAGOA—NIGER Delta agitators signalled a return to hostilities in the oil-rich region, yesterday, when they called off the subsisting seven-month ceasefire with the Federal Government brokered, November last year, by Pan Niger Delta Forum, PANDEF.

They are declaring Operation No Mercy and Destiny Takeover of God-given Resources.

The campaigners, under the auspices of 21st Century Youths of Niger Delta and Agitators with Conscience, led by self-styled ‘General’ W O I Izon Ebi, blamed the Federal Government for failure to reach agreements with the region’s representatives, including the 16-point demand of PANDEF.

The militants were provoked with the FG plan to build a $2 billion Refinery in Katsina, the home state of President Muhammadu Buhari, with money generated from the Niger Delta.

Their words: “The establishment of a refinery that will be refining Niger Republic oil without our refineries working, marks the end of oil exploration in the Niger Delta.

We shall fight with everything inside us – with the last drop of our blood – for 100 per cent control of our God-given resources.

Calling on PANDEF not to meddle into the issue this time around, they said:  “We, therefore, end our mourning grace and call off our ceasefire and declare Operation No Mercy and Destiny Takeover of our God-given Resources, since the Federal Government has just demonstrated that all they need is the oil from our region with total neglect for our wellbeing and survival as a people.”

Reacting to this threat, JTF Coordinator, Joint Media Campaign Centre, JMMC,  Joint Task Force, JTF, Operation Delta Safe, Major Ibrahim Abdullahi, responded: “Our mandate in the Niger Delta is clear, to protect oil and gas infrastructure. Whoever comes against our mandate, we will go after him and we will not look back.”