Ocean flood safety measures reassurance by Lagos State


On Monday, people living in the coastal areas of Lagos State were informed that they are safe from any form of ocean flood. This was as a result of the arising fears concerning water submerge in the areas.

During an assessment tour in Eti-Osa coastal areas, Dr Babatunde Adejare who is the Commissioner for the Development of Waterfront Infrastructure issued this affirmation of reassurance. The areas troubled are Okun Alpha Beach, Lafiaji, Owode and Okun-Ade.

To him, the ocean flood is caused as a result of the effects of weather conditions and hotness of the earth but these issues will be handled by the government.

Usually, between May to September yearly which is the period of heavy rainfall, people living in Eti-Osa have lost properties and apartments and streets have remained submerged.

In an effort to safeguard the shorelines, Adejare said the construction of 15 groynes has been done by the government. This construction runs from the estate at Goshen to the Alpha Beach. This will be an ongoing project as long as funds are released and until the shorelines are safe.

He, therefore, urged communities to make swift payments of their taxes as well as keep their beach environment beautiful for tourists. They should also ensure these investments made by the government are safeguarded.