Ronaldo tells fans he is innocent


I’m one of the few times that Cristiano Ronaldo will be making remarks about the rape allegation made against him, he told fans that he is innocent. It was reported that he made this statement while speaking to fans during his holiday.

Cristiano Ronaldo narrates to his fans that he remains calm because he knows that he is innocent.

His accuser, Kathryn Mayorga, claimed the Ronaldo forced his way into his hotel room in 2009 during his move to Real Madrid from Manchester United. The Portuguese Striker had denied the allegation and his club Juventus had publicly backed the striker.

In a recent development, the lawyer of the accuser, Mrs. Mayorga revealed that two other cases of the rape allegations against Ronaldo had come up.

The allegations had not in any way affected Ronaldo on the pitch as he keeps making impact. However, he has not been invited to his national team, as there is no official statement if it is related to this rape allegation. In addition, some of his big brand sponsors had said they are monitoring the allegations before they take any action.

Cristiano Ronaldo had remained calm over the allegations and had continued to focus on his football. However, it was reported that Mrs Mayorga lawyers had advised their client not to settle out of court as it is believed an agreement was forwarded to her for out of court settlement.

The lawyers claim they have enough evidence, especially with the new victims than just came forward. Nevertheless, Cristiano Ronaldo maintains his stance of innocence as he continued to focus on his football and family.

Ronaldo has been in a superb form for his new club since he joined Juventus. He scored four goals and assisted four goals so far and also have been blending well with the formation of Allegri at Juventus.