Sanchez may never play again, except… Mourinho

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Jose Mourinho warned Sanchez that he may never play for Manchester United again except he changes his attitude.

The 29 years old Chilean forward was dropped from the Squad in their Premiership game against West Ham, which they lost 3-1. Jose Mourinho then gave the reason that he had other options and that is why the Chilean did not even make the bench.

Alexis Sanchez has been disappointing since his move to Old Trafford, scoring just 3 goals in 23 appearances. It is reported that the Chilean is not happy with the way he is being used at the club and approached Mourinho on several occasions. Jose Mourinho, on the other hand, said he was fed up with the Chilean persistence in challenging his tactics and dropped him eventually until he changes his attitude.

Sanchez had been complaining to other players about his role in the team and how Pep would have used him differently and achieve results. He was very close to joining Pep at Manchester City, but disagreement over wages saw the deal crumbles and his eventual move to Manchester United and playing under Jose Mourinho.

Jose Mourinho seems to be losing the dressing room in Manchester United as the numbers of disgruntled players keep piling up. His encounter with Pogba has not cooled off yet and fresh reports of confrontations with Valencia and now Sanchez is heating up. The fans are also complaining of the quality of football in addition to the club inability to win games.

There are worries as the club had to send text messages to fans to confirm those will be coming to watch their champion league clash against Valencia as they recorded less than expected ticket sales. There are also reports of unease in the management hierarchy of the club as they ponder on the next step of action for the club.