Sir Alex Ferguson tags Manchester United a Circus Act


The most successful manager in the history of the premiership, Sir Alex Ferguson finally reacted to the crisis in Manchester United.

The Scot who made his first appearance in Old Trafford after recovery from an emergency operation said he is displeased with what is happening at the club. During his time as manager of the club, he won 13 premiership title with two champions league and other trophies, building a winning mentality in the club. Sir Alex Ferguson is afraid that the winning mentality is being eroded and is not happy as he felt the club is being turned into a Circus Act.

In his time as manager, the club dressing room crisis is kept on covers and barely makes it to the news. He was not happy with Pogba returning to Manchester United, as he is now involved in all major crises in the team.

His old friend, Sir Bobby Charlton had also expressed his displeasure at the happening in the club and had been conspicuously absent in Old Trafford of recent. The club are in the papers for all the wrong reasons, from dressing room crisis to player’s insubordination and losing games.

There has been speculation that Jose might end up losing his job as the manager, especially if he fails to pick points against Valencia in their midweek Champions League clash. It’s believed that the club had already contacted Zidane to take over from Mourinho if the crisis continues at Manchester United.

Paul Pogba has also been linked to a move to Barcelona by the January transfer window as he had told the manager his intention to leave. At this rate, we might see both Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba, who are in the middle of the crisis exit the club by January.