The first hardware innovation hub in Northern Nigeria opens

Pic from Techpoint
Pic from Techpoint

The first ever hardware innovation hub, AlphaHub, opens in northern part of Nigeria, Kaduna. This centre was founded by Victor Jibro an entrepreneur with love for tech, and a passion for solving problems. This will solve a growing tech problem in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

They intend to focus their attention on hardware because many more others are into software designs. This is because the cost of manufacturing and setting up infrastructure in Nigeria is very high.

This is unlike software design. Another major setback in setting up hardware tech hub is the time it takes to design a prototype and when it comes to reality.

AlphaHub is an innovation centre dedicated to driving research and development in hardware and embedded system technology. The Centre will provide training, support and co-working space for those interested in hardware development.

This will help meet the growing demand for smart devices. This will, in turn, drive down the cost of importing and repair which is usually on the high side and prevents abandoning pieces of gadgets due to the cost of repairs when they are damaged.

Examples of such devices include, but not limited to, inverters, stabilizers, alarm systems, car security, etc.

Victor Jibro also stated that “AlphaHUB is all about convenience and work efficiency, as we offer office for teams or a desk space for individuals. Our community is just the right place for entrepreneurs that desire to be successful.

For members that signup at the Hub, they stand benefits privileges, which includes: 12hrs daily access, free Wi-Fi, free coffee, meal discounts in hub cafe, front desk service, office address and lots more.’