Trump labels Buhari “lifeless” after visit in April



trump-calls-buhari-lifelessIt has been revealed that President Donald Trump told his close aides that he does not want to meet someone as lifeless as President Buhari of Nigeria again. This was revealed by a reporter of Financial Times who has a close relationship with the aides.

This revelation was in contrast to what the spokesmen and aides of Buhari made people believe over his visit earlier in April this year. The visit was supposed to cement a strong relationship between Nigeria and United States as Nigerian being a conveyor for the United States to the continent.

This is coming to light as the President of Kenya will be making a historic visit to the United States, and there is heightened hope that this particular visit will help build a working relationship between the United States and Africa.

Donald Trump seems not to be impressed with President Buhari as he told his aides immediately after their meeting that he wishes not to meet anyone as lifeless as Buhari.

The meeting of Buhari with President Trump of the United States is one of the highlights of his administration. And following the meeting, the presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu and minister of information, Lai Mohammed made statements about the progress the president had made with his visit to Donald Trump.

However, this recent development had thrown a different light on what transpired in the United States in April. It is now apparent that the President did not make enough impact to help improve the relationship between Nigeria and the United States.

This will be a significant dent on the presidential bid to seek reelection as it seems that he is losing foreign support as was earlier reported. Nigerian is at a point where we need international support economically and for security, and this will be difficult to achieve if our leaders cannot make the necessary impression.