Who is pressuring Akpabio to join APC?



The political scene in Nigeria is in its decamping season, and as promised, we are expecting more decamped and not just away from the ruling party, APC.

The political scene lately has been filled with the defect of PDP bigwig, Senator Akpabio to the ruling party APC. This is coming as a big surprise as Akpabio is one of the top PDP man in his state and at the National level.

There have been lots of stories going around as to why the Senator is dumping the PDP for the APC especially now that it seems the PDP is gaining lots of ground politically. We have seen lots of big political wigs decamping from the APC to the PDP and more are believed to decamp in the nearest future.

So what had prompted Akpabio decision to dump PDP now?

There are indications that he is facing undue pressure from the ruling party as they seek to gain some political relevance with the recent flocks of the political exodus from the party. It is believed that the ruling party is blackmailing Akpabio and offering him some leverage if he decamps.

This scenario may be far from the truth if considering why the ruling party did just pick on Akpabio, or on the other hand, they may have something tangible o hold in on to make him want to decamp.

However, the second scenario seems more plausible and that has to do with the Senator fall out with the Governor of the State who he handpicked to succeed him. Both have been in loggerheads, and this may be the main reason that Akpabio is jumping ship just months to the general election. He may see himself having a better chance of retaining his senatorial ticket especially since the Governor has more control of the party at the state level.

Akpabio may just be looking at a way to get back to the Senate and right now the APC may just be the right platform for him to get back to the senate.