Why Impeachment Notice not Legal, Governor Ortom


The political crisis in Benue state continues to thicken as up to eight members of the Benue state house of assembly gave the Governor an Impeachment Notice.

This is coming just barely a week after the state Governor defected from the ruling party APC, to the People Democratic Party, PDP. The Impeachment Notice was being spearheaded by the embattled speaker of the house who was recently impeached.

The governor, through his spokesman, had finally shed light on the Impeachment Notice and declared it null and void. The spokesman said the governor was still fully in charge and that the Impeachment letter has no legal standing.

Governor Ortom through his spokesman pointed out that the group of people involved did not form a quorum that will legally take that decision. He also pointed out that two amongst the eight that sat together were in support of the Governor.

In regard to the embattled speaker, overseeing the Impeachment procedure, he has no legal right to do so as he is still in the court in regard to his position as the speaker of the house. So in analysing these points, the Governor ascertain that he is still in charge in Benue state as the whole Impeachment procedure did not follow the right and legal channel.

The political battle in Benue state seems to be taking the major stage at present as the ruling party, APC is trying to flex their muscle to scare off more defection. They are worried that the opposition is covering more ground in getting more heavyweight to defect as 2019 draws closer.

The battle between the Governor and the political bigwigs on the state led to the governor’s decision to defect and it seems the Titans are ready to battle to keep the state under the control of the APC.