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50 things you need to know about an Igbo man

Igbos hail from the eastern part of Nigeria and, like other tribes, they have distinguished behavioural characteristics.

In this article, I will present you with 50 things you need to know about an Igbo man. I mean how you can identify an Igbo man on this planet earth.

  1. They are brave: Igbos are the bravest among the tribes in Nigeria. They hardly retreat from battle instead they pay with their heads.
  2. They are intelligent: Most of the outstanding West Africa Examination results in Nigeria came from Igbo candidates.
  3. Business-Oriented: Igbos are business-minded. There is virtually no town in Nigeria where you will not see Igbo man trading.
  4. They can survive anywhere: Even in the most deserted place on the planet earth, you would see an Igbo man there. This alone has earned them an adage: “Any place where you cannot find an Igbo man, the place is bad.”
  5. They are hard-working: Hardly can you see an Igbo man begging on the street. He prefers to iron it out with his strength instead of begging.
  6. They devote their time to learning business: Igbo men can spend years learning a particular trade, unlike other tribes that can just enter into that line of business without devoting much time to studying it.
  7. They help upcoming business Apprentices: After training their apprentices they settle them with money so they can start their own business.
  8. They are industrious: Anywhere they find themselves they are diligent and dedicated to whatever they are placed on their hands.
  9. They always avoid disgrace for themselves: This is one quality that pushes them to work hard so they don’t have to depend on anyone, hence, earning disrespect and disgrace from that person.
  10. They crave respect: An Igbo man can forfeit food and valuables just to earn respect from his fellow man. This makes them hold their heads above all and people misinterpret this for pride.
  11. They easily adapt to life situations: This is one quality that makes them survive and thrive even when they are being maltreated.
  12. To every Igbo man everyone is equal: Being strong and able to fend for themselves has made them see everyone as equal as far as the person is not feeding them.
  13. Arrogance: This is another trait that found in Igbo men. It comes from their ability to be independent.
  14. Transparency: They are naturally transparent and don’t hide their identity.
  15. Self–Esteem:  They so much believe in themselves.
  16. They believe in attaining standard: Igbo man can stop at nothing other than being of standard in whatever he does.
  17. Perseverance: This is another quality that makes them stand out from other tribes. They persevere in whatever they do.
  18. Craving for money: They have this strong craving for money, and this has made some that allowed it to overtake them to kill their relatives in the process.
  19. Selfishness: They concentrate more on satisfying themselves than any other person. 
  20. Smartness: Igbos are smart in whatever they do. 
  21. They are not cowards: They don’t easily become afraid.
  22. Friendly: They easily mingle with anybody found around them
  23. Very Sensitive: They can easily detect danger and seek refuge
  24. Always optimistic: They don’t get easily discouraged
  25. Always want to leadership: Igbo would always want to lead wherever he finds himself.
  26. Do not care much about what people think of them: As far as he perceives what he does is right, he does not give a listening ear to what people say.
  27. Very Competitive: They can compete for anything worth competing for
  28. Independent: They like being independent even from childhood
  29. Generous: They like being generous especially when the money is there.
  30. They consume more strong food: This makes them have fufu (Casava) as their major staple food.
  31. They are influential: They easily get favour wherever they find themselves.
  32. They are educated: Many in the academia are from Igbo.
  33. They make good Comedians: A lot of Comedians now are Igbos.
  34. They love folktales: This has given rise to many authors both present and past.
  35. They are good musicians: Notable figures from Igbos are Musicians
  36. They are warriors: This made them fight their war without fear.
  37. They are innovative: They created many weapons during the Nigerian Civil War. They are also in the process of designing vehicles example, Innoson’s motors, Ezekiel Izuogu also designed a vehicle called Z600.
  38. Their academic feats are being recognized worldwide: This can be found both in Nigeria and outside.
  39. Treacherous: This is one quality that attracts a bad name to them.
  40. Self-Determination: They stop at nothing when they are determined.
  41. The major religion is Christianity: An average Igbo man is a Christian.
  42. They make good husbands: This is why other tribes like marrying them.
  43. Varieties of soup: Igbos have different varieties of soups like oha, bitter leaf, okazi, etc.
  44. Entrepreneurship: They are well known for running private businesses
  45. Descendants of Eri: It is believed that Igbos descended from Eri who is believed to be one of the sons of Gad in the bible.
  46. Traditionally farmers: Igbos are traditionally farmers owing to the large mass of land at their acquisition.
  47. Peace lovers: With this, they can cohabit with any tribe.
  48. They honour birth and death days: Special treat is given on these special dates 
  49. Strong physique: Igbo men are heavily built in nature
  50. Odinani: This is Igbo man’s first religion before Christianity came in.

Chinonye Ikebaku

This article was written by Chinonye Ikebuaku.