Bank of industry loan requirements and application procedure


The  Bank of Industry is the Nigerian flagship for the empowerment of small, medium and large enterprises in the country. Currently led by Olukayode Pitan, a banker with decades of experience, the bank is easing the entrepreneurial terrain for many businesses in the country. BOI Business Development Service Providers  (BDSP) In order to improve service […]

Top Car selling sites in Nigeria


There are numerous sites in Nigeria to auction your car for sale without much hassle and complications. Whether it is a second-hand car or used car, the car selling sites highlighted below are reliable and can be relied upon whenever you are looking to purchase a car. Most auto dealers have exploited the potentials and […]

Top 15 shipping companies in Nigeria


Goods like automobile accessories, agricultural products, minerals, crude oil, and raw materials are all conveyed to their several locations through the sea. This tends to boost the economy of Nigeria through the exchange of money and resources. There are lots of shipping companies offering freight services or shipping of goods from one country to another. […]

Scholarships in Dubai for Nigerians and international students


If you intend to undergo your studies in Dubai with a scholarship award, I strongly recommend that you peruse this article thoroughly as it provides you with comprehensive information about various international scholarships in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates provide numerous scholarships for those who want to further their studies in Dubai. Dubai higher education […]

How to start/set up a poultry farming in Nigeria: Definitive guide

Amongst all of Nigeria’s agricultural sub-sectors, the poultry sub-sector is classified as the most commercialised. The livestock sector is crucial to the socio-economic transformation of Nigeria. According to FAO reports in 2006, it contributes around 10% of agricultural GDP, while reports emanating from (UNDP, 2006) stated the total population of chickens in Nigeria is about […]

List of lucrative farming in Nigeria with sustainable farming practices


Nigeria is a nation blessed with abundant agricultural resources coupled with a large expanse of land. Most parts of the country are embedded with rich soil, stable rainfall as well as the warm year-round temperatures. Agriculture occupies a major position in the history of the nation; this is evident in the ‘green’ colour in the […]

Human organ trading/trafficking in Nigeria


Scientific advancement in the field of medicine has made the transplantation of body organs possible. Transplantation refers to the act of transferring an organ from one person, called the donor to another, known as the recipient. Organs may be transplanted from deceased or living persons. Before the invention of modern clinical techniques, patients with end-stage […]

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