List of army barracks


Army barrack is where soldiers or army personnel who are ready to defend the territorial integrity of Nigeria are resident and carry their day-to-day training. It is also known as an army base, where arms …

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List of seaports in Nigeria


A seaport is a maritime facility with one or more wharves where ships may dock to load and unload passengers or cargo. Nigeria has a few seaports but not all of them are fully operational …

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Full list of prisons in Nigeria

type of prisons

Because of the alarming increase in criminal activities, the existence of prison proves essential. Convicted criminals receive prison sentence. Most Nigerians have heard about prison, but not everyone has visited a prison. A prison is …

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History of local government in Nigeria

The local government is like a missing piece to a political puzzle and without its existence the people will not experience the full effect of governance. The local government is very essential in political administration …

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Best 10 hosting companies in Nigeria


Due to the advancement in technology, there has been a drastic change in the way things are done recently. Most business activities are now conducted online and the need for a website is very essential. …

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Medview airline booking


Medview Airlines is a Nigerian airline that was founded in 2007. It was previously a charter airline before it began operations as a passenger airline in 2012. The airline offered international flights in the past …

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Air Peace Booking: All you need know


Air Peace is considered to be one of the leading airlines in Nigeria. It was founded in 2013 and currently offers passenger and charter services to major Nigerian cities, as well as Internationally to countries …

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Interesting facts about Nigeria


Nigeria is the giant of Africa and the most populous country in Africa. We excel in entertainment, lifestyle, education and political advancement. But in recent times, the country has been engulfed in a myriad of …

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