About Naijadazz

Our mission is to provide high-quality information about Nigeria for Nigerians. We don’t just write articles – basically, we craft articles that are soul-touching, life-changing and above all, transformational.

We offer sound pieces of reliable advice to Nigerians and parents out there. This we do in the form of tutorials, guides, “howto” articles, infographics, etc.

We also look at other events related to Nigeria which might be of interest to Nigerians and fire the message across to them.

We intend to be the powerhouse of news blogging in Nigeria and leading portal in informational and educative articles.

By consistently publishing accurate, factual-error free and audience resonating piece of articles, we aim to become Nigeria’s most trusted website.

Naijadazz.com was founded by Francis Uzoh R. in 2018.