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How to start/set up a poultry farming business in Nigeria: Definitive guide

Amongst all of Nigeria’s agricultural sub-sectors, the poultry sub-sector is classified as the most commercialised. The livestock sector is crucial to the socio-economic transformation of Nigeria. According to FAO reports in 2006, it contributes around 10% of agricultural GDP, while reports emanating from (UNDP, 2006) stated the total population of chickens in Nigeria is about […]

List of lucrative farming in Nigeria with sustainable farming practices


Nigeria is a nation blessed with abundant agricultural resources coupled with a large expanse of land. Most parts of the country are embedded with rich soil, stable rainfall as well as the warm year-round temperatures. Agriculture occupies a major position in the history of the nation; this is evident in the ‘green’ colour in the […]

Different breeds of indigenous cattle in Nigeria and their characteristics


According to research, over 150 breeds of cattle have been recognized in Sub-Saharan African. These indigenous cattle breeds have special morphological features that distinguish them. For example, the colour, horn shape and size of cattle vary from one breed to another. They are also known to possess genetic traits (such as disease resistance and climatic […]