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Bokolo cattle breed of Nigeria


The Bokolo cattle of West Africa are an indigenous breed facing declining populations. This in-depth guide covers their origins, characteristics, uses, status and conservation needs. Introduction The Bokolo are an iconic tropically adapted cattle breed … Read more

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Poultry diseases, causes, treatments

As a farmer in Nigeria, you need to have first-hand information of seasonal impact on poultry and harsh-weather-resistant breeds and feed formulation. Seasons in Nigeria have led to varying degrees of poultry production. Poultry production … Read more

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Best egg laying chicken breeds


First, there are three breeds of birds namely; cockerels, broilers, and Layers. Several facts distinguish these breeds of birds. For broilers, they develop very fast – in about 3 months after the hatch, they are … Read more

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How to become a farmer in Nigeria


If you intend to venture into farming business in Nigeria, it is advisable to follow the steps highlighted below for a successful business. Identify a farming problem The first step is to identify a farming … Read more

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Nigerian states and what they produce


Nigeria is a blessed nation because virtually all states produce crops. Let us look at the crops produced by different states as highlighted below.   S/N AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS STATES 1 Oil Palm Ogun, Anambra, Cross … Read more