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How to borrow credit on Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and MTN

Having call credits or airtime (as it is commonly called) is just as important as having a data subscription. Call credits are useful for a number of reasons, such as;

  • Sending text messages to loved ones and colleagues.
  • Making phone calls.
  • Buying a data subscriptions such as WhatsApp subscriptions, Facebook subscription, etc.

borrow-data-mtn-blog-airtel-9mobileTo ensure that customers get the best out of their mobile phones, many telecommunication networks have provided a medium for customers to borrow call credits & data and pay back later. In this article, we will see the various codes that can be used to borrow credit on your phone.

How to borrow credit on Airtel

Airtel provides varying amount of call credit loans, the amount of airtime that can be borrowed however depends on the frequency of the customer’s top-up or recharge. The following amounts of airtime can be borrowed on the Airtel network:

  • N50, at a service charge of #5 naira.
  • N100, approximately #90 with a service charge of #10.
  • N200, that is N180.
  • N500, that is N450.

To borrow credit on Airtel, dial *500*credit amount#. For example, *500*100# to borrow N100. Another way to do this is to call *500# and select from the list of available loans. A confirmation text will be sent to you afterwards.

How to borrow credit on Glo

The GLO network also provides airtime and data loans. To borrow credit on GLO, dial *321*amount# and press send or simply call *321# and select from the list of available options. You will thereafter be sent a sms to confirm your request. The borrowed credit will automatically be deducted from your balance after your next recharge.

How to borrow credit on Etisalat

Just like the Airtel service, several credit amounts exist on the Etisalat network. To borrow credit on Etisalat, text the word ‘Status’ to 665 or call *665*3# to know if you are eligible to borrow credit or not (eligibility is based on how frequent you recharge your GLO line). After doing this and if your status is acceptable, dial *665*amount# and press the send button to request for an airtime loan. Amounts that can be borrowed on the Etisalat network are: N50, N100, N200, N500 and N1000 at a service charge of 15%

How to borrow credit on MTN

Simply dial *600*amount# to borrow credit on MTN or call *600#, you will see a list of options which include eligibility status, request for Xtratime, check Xtra time balance, etc. Select the appropriate option and select an airtime loan. You must however ensure that you do not previously owe the network for your loan to be approved. The service charge on MTN airtime loan is 10%.

Precious Uka

Precious Oka writes for Naijadazz.