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Labour Act leave entitlements: Calculating exact leave pay amounts owed to contract employees in Nigeria

Understanding how to properly calculate leave pay for contract staff is crucial for Nigerian businesses seeking Labour Act compliance. This definitive guide provides step-by-step instructions to determine accurate leave pay.

Why correct leave pay matters

According to Nigeria’s Labour Act, contract workers are entitled to paid annual leave based on their length of service. Those working for at least 12 consecutive months get 12 working days of leave. Staff with under 12 months get 1 day of leave for every month worked.

Calculating the correct leave pay amount is essential for compliance. It also prevents staff disputes, lawsuits and damages your reputation. Workers who feel adequately compensated during leave are more motivated and loyal.

Key factors in determining Leave Pay

When calculating leave pay, consider these essential factors:

  • Length of service – Verify start dates to determine leave days owed.
  • Rate of pay – Leave pay equals the daily wage including basic salary and allowances.
  • Public holidays – Don’t count as leave days but are paid additionally.
  • Accrued leave – Entitlement accrues as staff work and expires if unused yearly.
  • Notifications – Workers must provide sufficient notice before leave.

How is leave entitlement calculated?

Leave entitlement is based on consecutive months worked:

  • 12+ months = 12 working days leave
  • Less than 12 months = 1 day leave for each month

“What are the Key Leave Pay Considerations?”

– Basic salary plus regular allowances constitute the rate of pay.
– Public holidays don’t reduce leave days owed.
– Leave accrues over time based on months worked.
– Sufficient advance notice must be given before leave.

Step-by-step calculation process

Follow these steps precisely to get accurate leave pay:

  1. Confirm number of leave days owed by service months.
  2. Determine worker’s gross monthly wage and allowances.
  3. Divide monthly wage by work days per month to get daily wage.
  4. Multiply daily wage by number of leave days.
  5. Deduct taxes, pensions etc. to get net leave pay.
  6. Pay net leave pay to worker before they go on leave.
  7. Maintain proper leave records and balances.

Illustration 1: 

John worked 16 months. He gets 12 days leave. Monthly wage is N50,000 plus N5,000 allowance. Works 20 days/month.

  • Gross pay: N50,000 + N5,000 = N55,000
  • Daily wage: N55,000/20 = N2,750
  • Leave days: 12
  • Gross leave pay: 12 x N2,750 = N33,000
  • After N3,000 deductions, net leave pay = N30,000

Illustrations 2:

Sandra worked 7 months so gets 7 days leave. Monthly wage is N30,000 with no allowance. Works 22 days/month.

  • Monthly wage = N30,000
  • Daily wage: N30,000/22 = N1,364
  • Leave days: 7
  • Gross leave pay: 7 x N1,364 = N9,548
  • After N1,500 deductions, net leave pay = N8,048

Consult the labour act

Businesses unclear on leave pay calculations should consult employment lawyers or HR providers like PayJinni, Workforce Group and HR Nigeria to avoid noncompliance. The Act contains provisions on minimum notice periods, accrued leave, advances and more.

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