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How to check your Glo data balance

This write up is for two categories of people. All those who do not know how to check their Glo data balance and those who know but have probably forgotten how to do it. There are times you may just forget the codes to use or the numbers to punch. Do you agree with me?


Here are the ways you can do this:

Send a text message:

As ordinary as it sounds, one of the ways to know the balance of your data is by sending a text message.

  • Compose a message by typing the word “INFO” and send to the recipient “127.”

If you do this, you will instantly get a response with your data balance including when it will expire.

  • Also if you use a BlackBerry phone, you can send a message saying “STATUS” to 777 and of course, you will get in turn a text message with details of your immediate data balance.

Use code *777#:

This is how to use the code:

  1. Punch it on your phone
  2. You will be given options to select the subscription plan you are on
  3. Click the right option
  4. Other options will display
  5. Click “manage data”
  6. Then click “data balance”

After all these, your data balance will emerge in a message


Another way to check your data balance is by using a USSD code.

Punch *127*0# on your phone

And you will receive a message showing it to you

From this, I am sure you can see that checking the balance of your data is not difficult to do. With these listed steps above, you should not encounter any hassle when you want to know what data you have left. So next time, you know what to do!

Priscillia Peters

This article was written by Priscillia Peters.