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Cost and how to get a driver’s license in Nigeria

A driver’s license is a legal document issued by the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) to an individual indicating that the person has the right to drive. It is given to people from the age of 18 years and above.

Aside from attaining the age of 18, there are other requirements you must meet before you are issued a driving license in Nigeria. In this article, we are going to treat these requirements and the costs associated with getting a driver’s license, so you have enough information before taking a step.

What you need:

Driving School Certificate: You are to learn how to drive in any driving school approved by the FRSC and get a certificate. The school will then certify you are fit to drive on Nigerian roads.

Learner’s Permit: This is the first authorization by the Nigerian government that permits an intending applicant to undergo and perfect his driving skills for three months and above.

Vehicle inspection officer

(VIO) Test Certificate: 

The driving school you attended will put you forward for a driving proficiency test. The VIO officer will monitor the driving, and if successful, he will present a certificate to you.

Birth Certificate/Age declaration: You are to present a government birth certificate issued at the place of birth. In the absence of this, an age declaration affidavit should be obtained from the court.

Eye Test Certificate from FRSC approved clinics: You are to undergo an eye test in any clinic approved by the Federal Road Safety Commission. If they are satisfied with the test, an eye test certificate will be issued to you.

Evidence of driver’s permit payment: You are to present evidence that shows you have made payment for the driver’s permit. It can be a bank teller or printout.

National Identification Number (NIN): You are to make your NIN registration number handy.

The cost for the driver’s license in Nigeria

 Certificate of driving school: This costs N8,000 (Eight Thousand Naira only). However, it all depends on the school you get registered for.

Certificate of (VIO) test: it costs N1,000 (One Thousand Naira only)Certificate of eye test: This costs N500 (Five Hundred Naira only)

After you have obtained all these, the driver’s license now costs N12,000 (Twelve Thousand Naira only) and N15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira only) for a period of three and five years respectively.

Chinonye Ikebaku

This article was written by Chinonye Ikebuaku.