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How to become a Bet9ja agent, registration and its requirements

As more and more people look for new ways of making money, some think of how they can become a Bet9ja agent. Whether you like it or not, people are already making money from this business so you may want to reconsider this option if making extra cool cash is what you want. Before forging ahead to be a Bet9ja agent, there are relevant things you must have for your business to be successful.

  • The first thing to do is to fill a registration form.
  • Visit http://agents.bet9ja.com/ and fill the necessary details
  • Upload a good picture of your shop space and submit the form
  • Your shop will be inspected by the Bet9ja teambet9ja-agent

After your online submission:

Go to the closest Bet9ja office and submit your documents If they are impressed, you will be accepted as a Bet9ja agent. Here are some of the things you stand to gain once accepted:

  • You will sign the Bet9ja agent contract
  • You will have a Bet9ja account
  • You will be given thermal receipt printers
  • You will be given a Bet9ja banner for display
  • You will be set up
  • You will be constantly monitored until you start making earnings

Other very important things you will require are:

Have startup capital between N50000-N80000:

To apply to become a Bet9ja agent, you will need to pay between N50000 and N80000 so you can be set up. When you register, you will be guided on how to start the business and all the information you need will be given to you.

A shop space:

To be a Bet9ja agent, you need to acquire a shop space because that is where you will run your business. Your shop space has to be spacious enough so your clients won’t feel choked when placing bets. It must be:

  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Located in a busy environment so you can have many customers
  • Far away from other Bet9ja shops so there won’t be too much competition

Be computer literate:

To be a Bet9ja agent, you must understand how to use a computer so you can help your clients more. Bet9ja requires the use of the internet so that means you will be online while doing this business. So having basic computer skills is of the essence.


To start this business, you need to have a computer either a desktop or a laptop(preferably have more than one), a thermal printer, at least 8 cashiers, Internet access, a generator because of poor light supply(you wouldn’t want to disappoint your customers) and workers to help you. Subsequently, as time goes on you will need the services of one or two staff. Once you have all these set up, the next thing you would want to do is: To advertise your shop and what you do so that you can acquire customers. This is because the more clients you have, the more money you make.

As a Bet9ja agent:

  • For every bet placed in your shop, you earn a percentage or commission. For every ticket you print, you earn something so as long as bets are placed, you keep earning. And you receive payments every week and out of the gross profit, your commission can be almost 20%.
  • There is no risk involved
  • Every month, there are over 12000 live betting events

These are the requirements needed to become a Bet9ja agent. Are you now ready to become one and start earning commissions?

Priscillia Peters

This article was written by Priscillia Peters.