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How to pay DSTV subscription on phone with KongaPay app

kongapay-register-pay-dstv-onlineGone are the days when owners of ventures just receive payments only by the direct method which is cash. Nowadays, clients find it easy paying for their purchases using other flexible methods. I am so certain you often hear people say they are merchants in various e-commerce stores like Konga, right? Well, you might wonder why they chose to use this platform and what makes it distinct.

Would you like your business to be so flexible that it allows for disbursement of funds on the internet carried out by your clients? If yes, then I suggest you register to be a seller on Konga because it is by having the ‘KongaPay’ peculiarity that this can work for you.

Why is KongaPay essential?

  • It gives your clients the liberty to make disbursement straight from their bank accounts. It sounds like magic but it works.
  • It permits your clients to use their debit cards to pay for items. Just by swiping their cards on POS machines you get immediate alerts.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It prevents payments from being redirected to other websites, unlike some platforms which take you from where you are to other websites which may be scams.
  • It permits for payments done offline with the presence of the KongaPay App.
  • It allows for swift and simple web plugins integration.
  • It reduces fraud risks and it is reliable to use.
  • It allows you to monitor your dealings and the funds derived from them.

How can you be a part of this?

To have a distinct account on this platform, you must have the following:

  • Venture name, where your venture is and RC registration. Your identity needs to be known so this detail is necessary to know who you really are and how legal your venture is
  • All necessary signatory documents already scanned. This is to make sure your venture is legal
  • BVN and identity cards of your venture partners
  • Your venture partners passport sized photos

How to Register for a merchant account on KongaPay;

  • Click here
  • You will be asked to fill in the name of your venture, email address, password and phone number.
  • After doing this, you will be given all the credentials needed to login and equally gain entry to the portal. You will equally have a distinct merchant ID that you can give your clients to apply to disburse funds

Will you pay any fees?

Yes! You will surely pay transaction fees.

It is highly important you know that as a seller on KongaPay, there are transaction fees you will remit but it depends solely on the package you opt for. Click this for more highlights.

How can you receive payments as a merchant?

Here are the steps involved:

  • Take a picture of the item that needs to be sold
  • After which a QR code for fund disbursement will be given to you by KongaPay
  • You can then receive payments on the internet from your clients once they possess that code as seen on internet platforms


  • If your clients have the KongaPay app, they can use your distinct seller ID or name
  • You can receive money from them on your KongaPay wallet as soon as they tap the ‘Pay’ button

Can I pay for my DSTV with the KongaPay App?

Absolutely! This is one distinct feature the app possesses.

Asides disbursing funds for things bought with KongaPay, do you know that there are other amazing things you can remit funds for?

Do you presently possess the app? If negative, you are surely missing so much. Why not make some things easy for you by doing them in a different manner?

I remember those times I used to go all the way to a DSTV office just so I can pay for some channels to have access to my package. But with the use of the KongaPay App, I am less stressed. With my phone, I can have all the DSTV channels I want. It’s as simple as that.

Sounds really cool, doesn’t it? You too can do this.

But how?

  • Get the app
  • While doing this, you will be asked to enlist for a KongaPay account where you will perfect information concerning bank account details including your mobile number
  • Once you have completely registered, you are now ready to use the app to pay for your DSTV package.

Here is how to achieve this:

  • Click on the KongaPay app on your device and login using your phone number and pin (while registering, a pin number will be sent to you which you should use each time you want to login to KongaPay App).
  • Next, you click on ‘Services’
  • Click on ‘TV Subscriptions’
  • Choose ‘DSTV’ for your type of subscription
  • You will be asked to enter the smartcard number of your DSTV
  • Click ‘Continue’
  • Next, another page will appear showing you the name on the account as well as options for completion of your transaction
  • You will see various options for bouquets to choose from. Choose the one you want, the duration you want and also select if you need it to be renewed automatically monthly using the App
  • Punch ‘Pay’ as soon as you are through
  • After doing this, an automatic debit will be done from your bank account and you will receive a text message that your dealing was successful

And almost immediately, your DSTV will begin showing. Can you see that this is pretty easy to do? It might seem stressful when you just begin using the KongaPay App but as you continue using it, it will be very easy for you to use.

With the KongaPay App, your dealings are seamless, stress-free and convenient so when next you want to pay for your DSTV package, you do not need to step outside your house or call an agent to help you with it. Just get the app on your phone, adhere to the guide and just pay.

Start using this app instantly!

Priscillia Peters

This article was written by Priscillia Peters.