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How do I register with NAFDAC in Nigeria?

NAFDAC registration is essential for anyone into production or importation of food and drug-related items. The business cannot run in Nigeria without getting registered with National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

In this article, I will present you step by step guide on how to register your product with NAFDAC.

It is worthwhile to note the following before you embark on the registration:

  1. The registration requirement for goods produced in Nigeria is different from the goods imported from other countries.
  2. The registration number is unique to each product. So if you have more than one product, it means you will get a registration number for each.

The registration steps

Step 1:       Go to any NAFDAC office near you and present your request. The headquarter is in Abuja but if you are outside Abuja, you can simply locate any of their zonal offices in the state where you reside. Obtain the form from their office and fill it out accordingly. If you intend to register more than one product, obtain different forms for the products.

Step 2:       Write an application letter stating your intention to register your product with NAFDAC with the necessary information about the product like the name of the product, description of the product, manufacturer’s name, etc. You are to direct the letter to the director in charge of the zone, where you want to register the product. When you are done with the letter, attach the form you filled out earlier with other necessary documents. Also, provide the address of the place of production for inspection.

Step 3:       Submit samples of your product to them (about 3) for inspection and analysis. At this stage, a certificate of recognition as a manufacturer would be issued to you by NAFDAC.

Step 4:       At this stage, you are to make necessary payments that differ based on the type of product you intend to register.

Step 5:       When you have completed the four steps listed above, you will be issued a NAFDAC registration number together with the certificate of registration for the product.

It is necessary to note that some time frames are attached to each process, so you don’t expect to get everything done the same day with the registration number given to you.

Registration Processes and time frames allocated to them

  1. Application submission 1 day
  2. Documents verification 10 days
  3. Inspection of facilities and sampling 10 days (Food); 20 days (Drugs)
  4. Laboratory Analysis 30 days (Food); 40 days (Drugs)
  5. Last Vetting 10 days
  6. Approval/Issuance of registration number 20 days

In summary, it takes 90 days register for food and120 days for drugs.

Chinonye Ikebaku

This article was written by Chinonye Ikebuaku.