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Trending inverter batteries and their brands

Inverter is really a lucrative business in Nigeria. There are so many inverter batteries in Nigeria and across Africa because of regular power outages. Through in-depth market research and audience analysis, I have compiled trending inverter batteries and their brands, how they work and technology behind them. This is especially for people thinking of alternative sources of electricity.

What is an inverter battery?

An inverter battery is an electrical device that can change any battery power which comes in form of Direct Current (DC) to an Alternating Current (AC) of a higher voltage. Once converted to alternating current, it can be used to power other appliances.

In this article, I will present you with the 10 best trending inverter battery brands in Nigeria. 

1)    Luminous inverter battery

This device was produced to meet up with home use and deliver high energy efficiency. They are user-friendly and its best known for comfort and convenience. Even a novice can easily handle it with ease. The Luminous off-grid solutions can offer power independence and generates solar energy. It comes with three diverse options that can allow you to charge batteries from the grid, the generator or the sun.     



2)    Microtek inverter battery

Microtek Inverter Battery comes in a combo of 1100VA + 150AH. It is recommended for a double or three-bedroom house and can last between 2 to 14 hours. It also comes with 2 years on-site warranty. It protects home appliances with grid quality power. It is best for home appliances, electronic appliances, sensitive machinery and medical equipment. It guarantees quiet, safe and efficient performance. Microtek Inverter Battery is made using Japanese technology. It has two load charts: Option 1 can carry 4 Fans, 5 Tube Lights, 1 Television and 1 Computer or Mixie while Option 2 can carry CFL, 3 Tube Light, 3 Ceiling Fan, 1 Television, 1 Computer or Refrigerator.


3)    Massimo battery

Massimo Battery has a capacity of 100ah and above. It is under tubular battery type and has 72 months warranty. There are different types of Massimo battery with different capacities. There is Red Massimo which has 150AH and 12 volts. It can charge quickly and can be maintained with distilled water. It has other good features like high-pressure dye casting and low maintenance.


4)    Delta inverter

Delta Inverters are manufactured in Thailand, China and European countries. Delta Inverter has different series and the home series is suitable for residential use. It supplies from a capacity of 2.5 kilowatts to 5 kilowatts. It has a built-in certified DC isolator that prevents electricity flow during the outage. It has a low PV start-up voltage of 35V and it is a great feature that enables it to start generating electricity from the sun very early morning when other brands are still in the state of inactivity.


Consequently, it has the lowest shutdown voltage of 30V which ensures the voltage window is closed instantly to stop the flow of current. This is one great feature that ensures more power is saved. It has a warranty of 10 – 12 years. 

5)    Amaron inverter

Amaron has different ranges of inverters that readily meet up the power cuts. This offers one the advantage of living life uninterrupted. Amaron Inverters has some dignified key features, which includes unique DSP technology. This technology increases the life span of electrical gadgets. It also has pure Sine Wave Output and a unique Intelli Battery Safeguard (IBSS) which ensures the best charging and protection for the battery and also results in long-lasting life of the battery. It has quick charging technology which is a great advantage for people staying where there is a frequent power interruption. It sticks to TS 16940 ISO 9001 certification.


6)    Okaya battery:

Okaya is one of the best battery inverters. It has between 12V to 200Ah power. It has always stood the test of time in terms of durability and ductility. It lasts long and is reliable. It is manufactured based on Japanese technology. It is among the SMF battery type and weighs around 49kg. Okaya battery is built on 100 per cent HADI Tubular technology that gives access to the unmatchable performance. It has cutting edge technology and can stand the test of time in terms of backing up during power outage. Pure lead is used in manufacturing it, and it increases the lifespan of the battery thereby extending the backup time. The latest PE envelope separator was used during manufacturing to prevent short-circuiting. Its containers can store up to 30 per cent electrolyte, so you don’t need to top up water frequently.


7)    Sukam battery

Sukam Battery is another dependable and affordable battery. It has a capacity of 200Ah and it is well specified for a very wide range of performance both at home and offices. It is built on the SMF series and has a very long lifespan. Sukam Battery is the best match for UPS and inverters. It can withstand deep discharge and overcharge. It also has great protection against leakage and corrosion. The containers are built in such a way that it reduces accidental short-circuiting of cells and a very large electrolyte volume.

8)     Exide battery: 

Exide Battery is among the Tall Tubular series of inverter batteries that has a power of 200Ah. It is one of the leading batteries that gained popularity in the market. It comes in red colour and has spill-proof, which means it can control spillage. It is built in such a way that it can be easily handled. There is a floating guide that helps to monitor the level of the electrolyte and has a capacity of 12 volts. It weighs 66 kilograms and has 36 months warranty.


9)    Bluegate inverter battery

Bluegate is constructed with a sealed valve and has 200AH/12V capacity. It has a low self-discharge mechanism and that is a good advantage compared to some other inverter batteries. It has a strong ability to adapt to the environment and zero pollution is recorded with it.


10) Prag Tubular Gel premium battery

This is a 200AH/12V capacity battery. The tubular toughness is second to none and the tall container is built very ruggedly. The electrolyte inside is in gel form, so there is no need for topping up and no room for spillage. This is a very great advantage compared to its contemporaries. It is built with an un-screw durable valve that regulates the pressure with the filter disc. This battery is best recommended for deep cycle application.


  This can serve as a guide whenever you want to choose any inverter you want to buy.

Chinonye Ikebaku

This article was written by Chinonye Ikebuaku.