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IPOB Counsel Advocates for May 30 Public Holiday in Honor of Biafra War Victims

Sir Ifeanyi Ejiofor, the venerable Lead Counsel for the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), calls on Southeast governors to declare May 30 as a day of reverent remembrance. This storied date, infused with the collective longing of a people, must be set apart to honor the martyred heroes and heroines who surrendered their lives to the unforgiving crucible of the Biafra-Nigeria conflict, which ravaged the land from 1967 to 1970.

As Ejiofor weaves together memories, sorrow, and tribute in a poignant missive released on Thursday, his words unfold a heartfelt remembrance. His impassioned appeal summons the governors to heed the call of history, to consecrate this hallowed date, and to embalm the memories of the fallen in the amber of collective memory as the ghosts of war whisper secrets to the wind.

Asaba Massacre: A Grim Reminder of Atrocities

He also cast light on the Asaba Massacre, a harrowing event that unfolded between October 4 and 7, 1967, in present-day Delta State. During this period of unspeakable horror, over 6,000 men, predominantly residents of Asaba, were subjected to brutal and gruesome killings at Obosowe Asaba. He underscored that Nigeria bears a profound moral obligation to acknowledge this tragedy, as it was not of Asaba’s making.

Truth, Reconciliation, and Self-Determination

In his statement, Ejiofor emphasized the paramount importance of truth and reconciliation, asserting that no matter how long history is obscured, it will inevitably reveal itself on true platforms. He lamented that the narrative of post-war reconstruction, reintegration, and reconciliation has remained a mere facade, and called for these three elements to be inextricably intertwined for a comprehensive healing process.

Furthermore, Ejiofor called upon the Federal Government to unconditionally release genuine Biafran agitators who are being held in various detention facilities. He believes that this gesture would help assuage the deep-seated anguish of the gravely marginalized Biafrans and restore a sense of reintegration in the Nigerian project, pending a United Nations-organized and supervised referendum to determine the ultimate fate of Biafrans.

A Clarion Call of Remembering the Martyrs’ Cause

As the Southeast region prepares to commemorate the fallen heroes and heroines, Ejiofor urged the people to remember the cause for which they made the ultimate sacrifice. He emphasized that they did not lay down their lives for the perpetration of heinous crimes, kidnapping, rape, or the killing of innocent brothers and sisters, but for a higher, noble purpose.

The call for a consecrated day to honor Biafra’s fallen resonates profoundly with the need for truth, reconciliation, and healing in the aftermath of a conflict that left indelible scars on the region. It is a clarion call to honor the sacrifices made and the ongoing quest for justice and self-determination.