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Lagos postal or zip codes and other states’ codes in Nigeria

nigeria-postal-zip-codesIf you are into mail delivery or work in a post office or courier, it may be imperative to have an idea of what the postal codes of different states in Nigeria look like. I mean to have first-hand information of where and how to get postal codes for any city you are in.

For students wishing to send gifts or postcards, you need to know the postal codes of your friends you intend to send the gifts to.

For those of you hoping to sign up with Adsense, it may worth bookmarking this post so you can easily get your postal code when Google AdSense asks you for it.

So, in this post, I’ve decided to share with you how to get the postal or zip codes of Lagos and other states in Nigeria.

So, how do I get postal code for any address in Nigeria?

      • Step 1: Go to http://www.nigeriapostcodes.com
      • Step 2: Select your State
      • Step 3: Select a nearby town, area, and street
      • Step 4: Click “Get Postcode”
      • The postcode will be displayed for you


    • From the home of http://www.nigeriapostcodes.com
    • Select the local government areas (L.G.A)
    • Choose L.G.A List of Towns and Villages
    • Select the one you are looking for

    Nigerian cities and post codes

    1. Abuja    900001
    2. Abia       440001
    3. Akwaibom 520001
    4. Anambra 422001
    5. Bayelsa 560001
    6. Borno    600001
    7. Delta     320001
    8. Ebonyi  840001
    9. Edo        300001
    10. Enugu   400001
    11. Imo        460001
    12. Jigawa   720001
    13. Kaduna 800001
    14. Kano      700001
    15. Katsina 820001
    16. Kebbi    860001
    17. Kwara   240001
    18. Lagos     (Island)101001
    19. Lagos     (Mainland)100001
    20. Niger     920001
    21. Ogun     110001
    22. Ondo     340001
    23. Osun     230001
    24. Oyo        200001
    25. Plateau 930001
    26. Rivers    500001
    27. Rivers    500001
    28. Sokoto  840001
    29. Taraba  660001
    30. Yobe      320001

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