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Benefits of Nairaland forum: top ten things you can do there

According to Alexa rankings, Nairaland is the most popular Nigerian website, and it has been on for a number of years. Nairaland is not just a website, it is actually a forum that has a bit of everything.

Find jobs

True, you can find jobs on Nairaland, and it is not difficult. There are many sections on Nairaland and one of them is the vacancy/job section. This is where job adverts are placed.

These jobs caught across disciplines, both in the private sector and public sector. So for those hunting for jobs, visiting the vacancy section of the forum and applying for the jobs which you qualify for is a way to get a job.

Stay up to date (especially on Nigerian politics)

When things happen in Nigeria, Nairaland is one of the first places to know what is happening at that moment. It is a forum so anyone can make a post, and if it is a trending topic, it will be seen by anyone who comes on the forum at that time. You would also get to know the reactions of Nigerians, as there are usually threads below these posts for people to comment.

Earn money

For freelancers in Nigeria, Nairaland is a veritable tool to find clients. Some of my longest paying clients have come from this forum. It is not just for freelancers though, even business people can get clients from the forum. Graphic designers, developers, writers, bakers and just name it, as long as you have a skill or service you can actually find those who need your services on Nairaland.

Increase your blog/website traffic

For those who have websites or blogs, here is a great way to get Nigerian traffic to your blog. It is as simple as posting your content on this forum, if they find it interesting enough, they will visit your site to learn more.

Advertise your product and services

Each of the different sections can be advertised in Nairaland, of course, you would pay a fee. However, you can be sure that your ads would be well targeted.

Hone your craft

It has a literary section, a webmasters section and a graphic design section amongst others. In these sections, you can post your work for the general public – for the appreciation and criticism of others.

Meet like-minded people

You can always find people who share the same ideals as you on the various sections on Nairaland. Those interested in politics, sports, religion and other things will always find like-minded people in Nairaland.

Learn from tutorials

People submit tutorials in various fields on Nairaland, from “making money: online to how to woo a woman and a lot of others. Just go to the search section and type in your query.

Ask questions and get answers

It is a forum, so if you want answers on a particular subject, just ask and Nairalanders will come up with answers.

Nairaland is owned by Seun Osewa and started in 2005. The website has grown to be the most popular site owned by a Nigerian.


This article was written by Shalom Okpara.