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Ogun’s Agro-Cargo Airport Prepares for Takeoff with Scheduled and Charter Flights

The Ogun State government is gearing up to launch operations at its newly constructed Agro-Cargo International Airport in the coming weeks. According to Governor Dapo Abiodun, the airport will soon receive clearance to handle both scheduled commercial flights and non-scheduled charter flights. Presidential Nod for Special Agro Processing Zone as Free Trade Area

In a significant boost for the state’s agro-industrial ambitions, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has granted approval for the establishment of a Special Agro Processing Zone within Ogun State as a designated Free Trade Zone. This move is expected to attract investments and spur economic activity in the agricultural processing sector. Private Aircraft to Take Flight First

Abiodun revealed that the airport is likely to be commissioned this week itself, with immediate approval expected for the commencement of non-scheduled flights. “This means private planes can now operate at this airport, just like any other airport,” he explained, highlighting the facility’s readiness for private and charter aircraft operations. Commercial Scheduled Flights on the Horizon

Within the next two weeks or even sooner, the governor anticipates the airport will also receive the green light for scheduled commercial flights. “This will allow businesses to bring in raw materials by air directly into the state,” Abiodun told the gathering, underscoring the airport’s potential to streamline import and export logistics for industries in Ogun.Regional Partnership for Agricultural Exports

Interestingly, Abiodun disclosed that a neighboring country has expressed interest in utilizing the Ogun airport as a hub for exporting its agricultural produce. This collaboration could potentially position the facility as a major regional cargo handling center for agro-exports. Kajola Dry Port to Boost Logistics Efficiency

To further enhance logistics capabilities, the state government is preparing to launch the Kajola Inland Container Terminal, a dry port facility. Once operational, this terminal will enable investors to seamlessly receive and process containerized cargo, thereby avoiding the logistical bottlenecks and costs associated with transporting goods from seaports in Lagos. Infrastructural Upgrades and Investor Partnerships

The governor highlighted ongoing efforts to extend rail connectivity from Lagos into Ogun State, facilitating smoother movement of goods and people. Additionally, his administration remains committed to completing the Agbara-Atan-Lusada road project and rehabilitating internal roads within the Agbara industrial area in collaboration with investors. Transparent Land Acquisition Process

Addressing land-related concerns, Abiodun urged investors to refrain from purchasing land from private individuals or speculators, as all land within the state falls under the jurisdiction of the state government. This advisory aims to prevent investors from inadvertently paying multiple parties for the same plot and promote transparency in land acquisition processes.

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