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Full list of prisons in Nigeria

Because of the alarming increase in criminal activities, the existence of prison proves essential. Convicted criminals receive prison sentence.

Most Nigerians have heard about prison, but not everyone has visited a prison. A prison is an institution of confinement for those convicted of a crime and those who are offenders of the law.

type of prisonsThe people who are more familiar with prisons in Nigeria are the police officers, lawyers, and judges. It would spike your curiosity to know that the Nigeria Prisons Services (NPS) is responsible for the management of prisons in Nigeria.

This article is more focused on the functions, lists, and types of prisons in Nigeria.

Functions of prisons in Nigeria

The following are the functions of prisons in Nigeria

  1. It helps to protect citizens from dangerous criminals
  2. It serves as an institution for confinement and social isolation
  3. It ensures that repenting from criminal activity is enforced
  4. It ensures that criminals in conviction are in custody
  5. It ensures the enforcement of reformation

Types of prisons in Nigeria

  1. Security prisons

Security prisons exist for mild to dangerous criminals. It is of three categories, namely; maximum security, medium security, and minimum security. The prison of maximum security is for dangerous criminals, the prison of medium security is for criminals whose crimes are serious, and the prison of minimum security is for criminals whose crimes are minor.

  1. Female only prisons

Female only prisons exist for women who have committed a crime or broken the law.

  1. Military prisons

This prison is for military officials who committed heinous crimes or broken the law.

  1. Psychiatric prisons

Criminals with mental illness stay in psychiatric prisons and receive treatment.

  1. Juvenile/Minor correction prisons

Teenagers below the age of 18 who commits a crime or breaks the law stay in juvenile/minor correction prisons.

List of prisons in Nigeria

    1. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Aba
    2. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Kuje, Abuja
    3. Federal Prison, Umuahia
    4. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Suleja, Abuja
    5. Federal Prison (Medium Security) Arochukwu
    6. Dumne Satellite Prison, Adamawa State
    7. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Abak, Akwa Ibom State
    8. Alkaleri Satellite Prison, Bauchi State
    9. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Okaka, Bayelsa State
    10. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Otukpo, Benue State
    11. Mongolono Satelite Prison, Borno State
    12. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Calabar, Cross River State
    13. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Okere, Warri, Delta State
    14. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Afikpo, Ebonyi State
    15. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Ibite-Olo Farm
    16. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Ozalla Farm, Edo State
    17. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Ado-Ekiti
    18. Billiri Satellite Prison, Gombe State
    19. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Orreh Farm
    20. Hadejia New Prison, Jigawa State
    21. Ikara Satellite Prison, Kaduna State
    22. Kiru Satellite Prison, Kano, Kano State
    23. Jega Satellite Prison, Kebbi State
    24. Malumfashi Satellite Prison, Katsina, Katsina State
    25. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Kabba, Kogi State
    26. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Ikoyi, Lagos State
    27. Federal Prison (Medium Security) Idah, Kogi State
    28. Maximum Security Prison, KiriKiri, Lagos State
    29. Kirikiri Women’s Prison, Lagos State
    30. Maximum Security Prison, Kotongora, Niger State
    31. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Ago Iwoye, Ogun State
    32. Federal Female Prison, Ondo State
    33. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Ilesa, Osun State
    34. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Ogbomosho Farm, Oyo State
    35. Lakushi Farm Prison, Plateau State
    36. Gwadabawa Satellite Prison, Sokoto, Sokoto State
    37. Baissa Satellite Prison, Taraba State
    38. Dapchi Satellite Prison, Yobe State
    39. Kaura Namoda Satellite Prison, Zamfara State
    40. Dahagun Satellite Prison, Yobe State
    41. Lamingo Prison Camp, Plateau State
    42. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Bida, Niger State
    43. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Ikoyi, Lagos State
    44. Wara Satellite Prison, Kebbi State
    45. Gwantu Satellite Prison, Kaduna State
    46. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Dukpa Farm Center, Abuja
    47. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Aguata, Anambra State
    48. Katagun Satellite Prison, Bauchi, Bauchi State
    49. Kukawa Satellite Prison, Borno State
    50. Federal Prison (Medium Security), Shagamu, Ogun State

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