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51 profitable small business ideas in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are certain small businesses that are profitable that can be ventured into. So if you are thinking of starting a business, here are some ideas to choose from.


This is a business you can go into that does not require so much capital. As long as you have the necessary equipment you are ready to start.

Hair business

With this business, you can make cool money. By simply making people’s hair and styling them you are sure to have customers.


Catering for events like birthdays and weddings bring a lot of money. As long as you are good at what you do, you will make it.

Making of jewelry

People use jewelry to complement their outfits. Going into this business is profitable as long as you are creative.

Planning of events

Events are held regularly and event planners would be needed. This is a business people profit from.

Cleaning business

Houses get dirty and so your services would be required. You can start small and expand much later.


At events, video recordings are done. This business is highly profitable and ventured into a lot.


People go into consultation for a lot of reasons. Know your niche and focus on that.

Private Tutoring

You can be a private tutor by giving private lessons to students and little kids. You will make some money from this.

Fashion business

By being a fashion designer, you can make and design clothes for people. It is a lucrative business.

Designing and selling of shoes

By making, designing and selling shoes, you are sure to make some nice cash.

Food retail business

By selling food, drinks, snacks you could own a one-stop food business for clients and people around.

Bakery business

This is a very profitable business. By baking cakes and snacks for both events and for individuals, you will surely grow your business.

Repairs of computers

This service is needed by a lot of people especially those who need help fixing their computers. It is lucrative.

Repairs of generators

This service is needed by everyone as long as you have a generator because they often go bad and need servicing regularly.

Children care center

This is a profitable business as parents need a place to keep their kids whilst they are at work.

Craft making business

By teaching people how to make beads, hand fans, wire works, and tie headgear, you will indeed make some money.

Repairs of phones

This service is really profitable because the rate at which phones get spoilt is on the increase now. Invest in this business and you won’t regret it.

The business of dry cleaning clothes

This is one business to invest in that will fetch you money. People require such a service from time to time.

Designing websites

Businesses often need someone to help design a website to promote what they do. It is profitable and worth investing in.

Body fitness business

People want to keep fit and lose weight and so this business is a good idea for you to go into.

Business of manufacturing

You can decide to be a manufacturer of soap, paint, insecticides, air fresheners, antiseptics etc. These products are in high demand and will give you some good profit.

Making furniture

Making furniture for both individuals and corporate organizations is very profitable. People cannot do without furniture so they will always need you.

Agricultural business

Engaging in the planting and harvesting of crops and farm produce is lucrative. Everybody needs to eat and so selling what you produce will be of great gain to you.

Rentals for party business

This business is common and profitable. You can rent out chairs, tables, canopies and other things people use at events. You can go further to wrap the chairs and tables in order to make more money.

Interior designing

Private homes and businesses usually need the services of interior designers to give their businesses a new look.

Sales of frozen foods

Selling frozen foods like chicken, turkey, and fish is a very lucrative business in Nigeria. Investing in it will earn you lots of money.

Nail boutique business

This business is really profitable in Nigeria as people like to look good. Nail business moves a lot so you can choose to start it.

Freelancing services

Invest in this business to edit, write articles, proofread articles and be a content creator. It pays well.

Spa business

People love to relax after a hard day’s work and so this business is what you need to start making money.

Painting business

This business is one you can start with the little fund you have as it will grow as soon as you start having clients.

Publishing business

Businesses publish a lot from magazines to books to newsletters. It is lucrative and highly sought for.

Dog rearing business

As silly as it sounds, people are making money just by rearing and selling their dogs and puppies. It is a business you should consider going into.

DJ Business

As a DJ, you can be present at any event. Imagine how much you can be paid for that?

Selling wholesale items

As a wholesaler, you can sell just about anything and the more you sell the more profit you make. Identify what you want to sell and start making money.

Music lesson trainer

As a music trainer, you can teach people how to play musical instruments and make some money.

Transport business

In Nigeria, this is one of the most profitable businesses to do. Attempt to invest in it and join those already making money from it.

Football viewing arenas

Men love football and will do anything to watch their favorite teams play. It is a cool and lucrative business to do.

Motivational speaking business

Motivational speakers make money by speaking at events and seminars. You too can make much money.

Estate agent business

This business is getting so lucrative today as more people now go into it. By being a real estate agent, you can get good deals.

Computer training

By giving people training in the basic and advanced computer skills they need, you will earn some money. And if you are excellent at what you do, you will have referrals.

Bar business

One of the places people relax in Nigeria is in bars. It is very profitable and one you can venture into if you do not mind selling alcoholic drinks.

Logistic services

People always need courier companies to deliver their packages and mails. It is profitable.

Services for rug cleaning

With this business, you can be the go-to place for both houses and offices.

Rentals for cars

This is a fast-moving business to venture into. As long as you have good cars and prices, you will have customers.

Washing of cars business

Washing cars are lucrative as people engage such services to keep the interior and exterior of their cars clean.

Poultry business

Rearing and selling eggs is very profitable now as nearly all retail shops sell eggs. The sale of chicken is also lucrative.

Makeup business

This business is very popular in Nigeria and pays well. Makeup artists are highly sought after.

Sale of computers and accessories

This business is very lucrative in Nigeria and sells really well.

Car sales

You can invest in this business as people make lots of money from it. You can sell both new and used cars.

Building blocks production business

In Nigeria, houses are built every day and so your services would be needed. Those who engage in it make money from it.

Priscillia Peters

This article was written by Priscillia Peters.