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Major rivers in Nigeria

There are a plethora of rivers in Nigeria. For instance, each town in the southeastern region of Nigeria has at least two rivers.

For this article, we will stick to just two – Rivers Niger (or Niger River) and Rivers Benue.

Rivers Niger is the largest river in Nigeria and has its source from Guinea highlands – at 9°05′ N and 10°47′ W on the eastern side of the Fouta Djallon (Guinea) highlands, 150 miles (240 km) inland from the Atlantic Ocean – in Guinea.

 It flows all the way from Mali and Niger Republic to Nigeria.

Rivers Benue has its source from eastern highlands and joins Rivers Niger at Lokoja, which known as a confluence town.

Characteristics of Nigerian Rivers

  1. The rivers volume changes with seasons
  2. Huge presence of rapids and cataracts, which hinders inland navigation
  3. Huge presence of debris like dead leaves, mud and woods and human faeces, plastics, broken bottles.
  4. Rivers in the south flows in the north-south direction into the sea while rivers in the north flow in a radial pattern in different directions.
  5. Most rivers in Nigeria are shallow and not deep.
  6. Fishing is seasonal. Fishermen catch more in the rainy season than in the dry season.

Importance of Nigerian Rivers

  1. They are one of the means of transportation
  2. Through the construction of dams, they generate hydroelectric power supply.
  3. Water from rivers can be used for irrigation purposes and also for agricultural activities.
  4. Waters from the river is used for cooking, washing etc.
  5. Rivers provide employment opportunities for people like fishing, canoe or ship making
  6. Rivers sources of food for human consumption e.g. fish, prawns, crayfish and crab.
  7. Some rivers are centres of tourist attraction.
  8. It may generate foreign exchange for a nation
  9. Some rivers are good sites for the construction of seaports and river ports.

Others are

  1. Ouémé River
  2. Okpara River
  3. Ogun River
  4. Oyan River
  5. Ofiki River
  6. Ona River (Awna River)
  7. Ogunpa River
  8. Osun River
  9. Erinle River
  10. Otin River
  11. Oba River
  12. Omi Osun
  13. Benin River
  14. Osse River
  15. Niger River
  16. Escravos River (distributary)
  17. Forcados River (distributary)
  18. Chanomi Creek (distributary)
  19. Nun River (distributary)
  20. New Calabar River (distributary)
  21. Anambra River
  22. Benue River
  23. Okwa River
  24. Mada River
  25. Gagere River
  26. Bunsuru River
  27. Bonny River
  28. Imo River
  29. Aba River
  30. Otamiri River
  31. Kwa Ibo River
  32. Cross River
  33. Calabar River
  34. Asu River
  35. Aboine River
  36. Ekulu River
  37. Anyim River

Francis Uzoh

He writes for Naijadazz.