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Best online shopping sites in Nigeria

The rate at which the idea of online shopping has been embraced by a large number of people in Nigeria and around the world is impressive. People see shopping online as a more comfortable and reliable way to get all their essential needs without any hassle. It has been reported that 38% of Nigerians prefer online shopping to the traditional style.

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online shopping in Nigeria

In recent times, there has been a considerable rise in the number of stores available online which has brought a huge focus on e-commerce. There are many online stores where you can purchase everything you need within short delivery time. In this article, we are going to be looking at the top online shopping mall/stores where you can get goods for worth your money and the best customer service.

Popular online shopping websites in Nigeria

The following are the popular online shopping mall available in Nigeria in no particular order:

1. Jumia Nigeria

This is the biggest and most popular online shopping store in Nigeria. It provides a wide range of products for sale which can be delivered directly to you. It guarantees customers the safest online shopping payment method with JumiaPay for stress-free payments.

Shopping online with Jumia is easy and convenient. Though there are little glitches when it comes to delivery or not providing the exact product ordered for but overall it has good customer service. One thing you should know is that goods ordered for on Jumia can be delivered to you in 3-5 working days depending on where you are in the country. Jumia is not only an online shopping platform but you can also earn money by selling on the site or being an affiliate marketer.

Website: http://www.jumia.com.ng

2. OLX.com.ng

OLX is a global online shopping store available in over 41 countries. It is a platform for buying and selling various kinds of products. It is popular among Nigerians because it is user friendly and goods can be purchased at affordable prices.

Website: http://www.olx.com.ng

3. Konga.com

This online shopping is store is owned by a Nigerian and reported to be the 8th most visited website in the country. It offers a wide variety of goods for sale at lower prices which is why it is loved by most Nigerian online shoppers.

Konga offers customers payment on delivery service or KongaPay for a more convenient and secure online payment. With amazing discount offers, shopping on Konga is nothing but a pleasant online shopping experience. Customers also experience short-time delivery service as goods are delivered in a short duration of time.

Website: http://www.konga.com

4. Kaymu

This online shopping store is well-known in Nigeria as a large variety of goods are offered for sale on the platform. You can sign up as a buyer and seller and goods from different sellers are available for purchase. Delivery service is not a problem and their customer service is okay.

Website: http://www.kaymu.com

5. Dealdey.com

Buy goods at affordable prices on this online shopping site. It offers a deal on anything of interest to buy in Nigeria ranging from food to household items. Customers looking for the best deal on products to purchase should check Dealdey as their one-stop destination.

Website: http://www.dealdey.com

6. Kara.com.ng

Kara.com.ng is a popular online shopping store in Nigeria where various goods such as electronics, home appliances, mobile phones, electrical and power supplies, computer and office equipment, and automobile products are offered for sale at affordable prices. It offers impressive customer support service and the delivery service can be described as nothing but good. Shopping on Kara.com.ng will give you a great shopping experience that is convenient and hassle-free. You should also know payment can be done via bank transfer, credit/debit card, or cash on delivery.

Website: http://www.kara.com.ng/

7. Payporte

This is yet another popular online shopping mall in Nigeria that offers food items for sale and after-sales support to regular buyers. This online shopping platform also ensures that fraudulent sellers are checkmated in order to protect customers from falling victim to such nefarious fraudulent acts by sellers that are 100% genuine. You should also know that you can be an affiliate marketer and earn income.

Website: http://www.payporte.com

8. Gidimall.com

Get whatever you need from this online shopping mall as it offers a wide variety of goods for sale. It has been trusted because of their great customer and delivery service.

Website: http://gidimall.com

9. Gloo.ng

Another popular online shopping store in Nigeria you might want to try as it offers household items and a wide range of products for sale. Goods ordered for are delivered on the same day which makes it wonderful.

Website: http://www.gloo.ng

10. MyStore

This is a fast-growing online shopping store in Nigeria where you can shop for kitchen utensils, home appliances, office equipment, etc. It has positive feedback from customers and shopping on this platform will not fail you in any way.

Website: http://www.mystore.com.ng

Other popular online shopping sites

The following are other popular online shopping sites available:

11. Amazon.com

Amazon is a popular online shopping website where various kinds of products are displayed for sale. It makes it possible for people in different countries to shop and have the goods shipped to them with no problems. Amazon makes it possible for customers to shop in 60 different currencies and they offer 24/7 customer service.

One beauty about shopping on Amazon is that you can track your package and you get exactly what you ordered for without any miss up. Amazon delivery service can be described as nothing but impressive as goods are delivered in 2-3 working days from the time of order. Amazon has the largest number of online shoppers and that is really saying something. It is also a platform that gives people the opportunity to earn an income by being a seller or an affiliate marketer.

Website: http://www.amazon.com

12. eBay.com

This is another top online shopping site where goods and services are purchased and sold worldwide. A wide variety of products are available to choose from. It offers a reliable payment method and good customer service. Website:http://www.ebay.com

13. Alibaba.com

The list of top online shopping malls would be incomplete without mentioning Alibaba. It is a popular online shopping site that provides customers with a large number of products for sale. It is widely known and it offers safe and safe trade solutions as well as goods at a wholesale price. Alibaba also offers good customer service and a great delivery service. Payment is relatively convenient and customers get easy access to products ordered for.

Website: http://www.alibaba.com

14. Wish.com

Talk about another online shopping store that brings sellers and buyers on the same platform. Customers can purchase any kind of goods on this platform and with a reliable and convenient payment method. Customer service is also not bad as well as the shipping and delivery service.

Website: http://www.wish.com

15. Bestbuy.com

This online shopping store is favorable to people who are looking for affordable products to buy. It gives the best deals when it comes to goods to purchase at a really cheaper price. Online shoppers are really fond of this online store as they get what they want without having to break the bank. What is more fun than shopping for goods that are really affordable and Bestbuy offers customers just that?

Website: http://www.bestbuy.com


Online shopping has become a popular trend among people around the world as it is more convenient and stress-free. The availability of online shopping stores has contributed greatly to the e-commerce industry in different countries thereby improving their economy positively. The list of online shopping stores/malls compiled in this article is the top ones when it comes to shopping online both in Nigeria and abroad.