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Incredible! List of visa-free countries for Nigerian passport holders

We were told life is not meant to be spent on a single spot. Even before that, every man wants to snap in front of Eiffel Tower, shop in Dubai, see the queen in London, climb the height of Mountain Everest and catches the cool freeze in Maldives Beach.

But then, visa is a serious headache for most Nigerians wanting to explore the world. Aside the huge amount charged for obtaining visas into some countries, the stress resulting from the complex and endless procedures is enough turnoff, and why many could not achieve their travelling dreams till date.

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Well, we have brought good news. With Nigerian Passport being ranked as 89th in the global visa restriction index, Nigerian passport holders will be able to travel to some countries with just an international Passport. However, it is no longer necessary to fulfil the stressful process of obtaining visa to enter some countries as a holder of a Nigerian Passport.

Why countries grant visa-free entry

Countries grant visa-free due to various reasons:

  • First, the notable reason is unilateral and multilateral relationships existing between nations.
  • Countries that bare into Multilateral relationships always grant nationals from those countries in agreement free entries into the other nations they both had the agreement.
  • For Instance, Organizations such as ECOWAS has a multilateral agreement between Countries in West Africa and that is why Nigerians have visa-free access to many West African Countries. The same reason holders of German Passport will be granted visa-free access to European Nations because of the multilateral relationship signed under European Union (EU)
  • Several countries make visa procedures simple in order to attract economic growth and expansions.
  •  It would be observed that countries with huge tourist attractions such as the Maldives, Fiji island, Tuvalu grant visa-free entry to Nigerians and people from other countries in order to give easy access to foreign travellers who are willing to come for vacations in their country.

Benefits of visa-free travelling to Nigerians

As a Nigerian intending to travel to one of those visa-free countries, there are quite a number of benefits and that is why is tagged visa-free.

Firstly, all the stress of going to embassies and consuls is removed, hence you will not be required to fill different forms and provide different documents.

Visa-free will also offer you the advantage of travelling of planning and executing your travelling plans in a few days, unlike that where you will be required to process Visa in weeks.

Visa-free also remove the unlucky situation of visa denial, several people’s dream of travelling has been cut short by visa denial, travelling on visa-free has removed this ugly situation.

Documents required for visa-free travelling

Having gotten a valid Nigerian Passport with blank visa page, you have fulfilled the major requirement.

Some countries might request for evidence including:

  • Sufficient proof of funds
  • a return ticket
  • evidence of a hotel reservation
  • official international passport

However, some do not require any other document at all.

List of visa-free countries for Nigerians:

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Barbados
  3. Benin Republic
  4. Burkina Faso
  5. Burundi
  6. Cambodia
  7. Cameroon
  8. Cape Verde
  9. Chad
  10. Comoros
  11. The Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire)
  12. Djibouti
  13. Dominica
  14. Fiji Island
  15. The Gambia
  16. Ghana
  17. Guinea
  18. Guinea-Bissau
  19. Haiti
  20. Iran
  21. Kenya
  22. Liberia
  23. Madagascar
  24. Maldives
  25. Mali
  26. Mauritania
  27. Mauritius
  28. Micronesia
  29. Mozambique
  30. Nauru
  31. Niger Republic
  32. Palau
  33. Samoa
  34. Senegal
  35. Seychelles
  36. Sierra Leone
  37. Somalia
  38. Sri Lanka
  39. Tanzania
  40. Timor Leste
  41. Togo
  42. Tuvalu
  43. Uganda
  44. Vanuatu

See African countries you can visit without visa

As a holder of Nigeria passport, several African countries allow you into their country without visa, while some of them allow you to stay for a long time, some do not.

Neighbouring countries and Members of ECOWAS such as Benin Republic, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Niger Republic, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo allow holders of Nigerian Passports to enter their countries and stay as long as they desire without visa.

The Gambia, Kenya, Mauritius, Madagascar and Guinea-Bissau grant Nigeria passport holders a 90-day visa-free after which they must return to their country or apply for visa.

In the case of Mozambique, Burundi and Seychelles, they allow Nigerians a visa-free stay for a duration not exceeding 30 days.

Travelling to one of Cape Verde, Mauritania, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Comoros Island or Djibouti as a Nigerian passport holder, you will be to apply for visa on arrival.

Apart of the several advantages available to Nigerian travellers in other African countries, virtually all African countries especially the ones contained in the visa-free list above has one or two tourist attractions, cultural artefacts and spectacular landmarks.

With Comoros being a constellation of islands attractive and suitable for your visitation, you can also visit crops of wildlife in Senegal, Mali, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire among others. Diverse cultural landmarks and aesthetics, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, UNESCO’s Pendjari National Park in the Benin Republic, Lake Assal in Djibouti among others are several of the marvellous sites in Africa that even people who do not possess Nigeria passport strives to visit.

You can travel to these American Nations without visa

As a holder of a Nigerian Passport, you can board a flight to Caribbean countries such as Barbados, Dominican Republic and Haiti without obtaining visa before leaving Nigeria.

On your arrival in Haiti, you will be required to obtain a visa if you are staying for more than 3 months, but if not you will not need to obtain it at all.

Barbados allows you to stay for 6 months with visa after which you will obtain a visa, but you will need to obtain an e-passport and also provide proof of financial capability to fund your return expenses.

In the Dominican Republic, you only have 21 days to obtain your visa.

Visa Free Asian Destinations for Nigerian Passport Holders

Considering an Asian country to visit without visa? you may consider the one of Bangladesh, Cambodia, Iran, Maldives, Sri Lanka or Timor Leste.

Bangladesh allows Nigerian Passport holders for a free 30-day visa upon arrival but you must be able to provide a return ticket and evidence of financial buoyancy.

Being a tourist attraction, Cambodia also grants Nigerian Passport holders a 30-day visa on arrival.

Iran also allows Nigerian Passport holders to visit their country without visa, but they are required to obtain an Iranian visa immediately upon arrival.

Lying within the Indian Ocean, Maldives islands offers a fresh atmosphere for tourists, doubling as a great location for couples on honeymoon, it also allows Nigerian passport holders to get their visa on arrival for 30 days.

Sri Lanka allows Nigerians to visit their country after obtaining the Electronic Travel Authorization, this document allows them to stay for 30 days. Sri Lanka also offers a great tourist attraction combining illuminating beaches adventures with wildlife experiences. It is indeed a great tourist site and it is visa-free.

Timor Leste is another favourite site for sea exploration and diving, it also grants a 30-day visa for Nigerians on arrival.

Oceania countries that are visa-free for Nigerians

For Nigerians who want to spend some times outside the shore of Nigeria without passing through the stress of visa processing, Oceania countries are great destinations to visit. Countries such as Fiji Island, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Samoa, Tuvalu and Vanuatu accept visa-free visitation for Nigerian passport holders.

Fiji island is one of the topnotch visa-free destinations for Nigerian travellers. Once you are able to provide evidence of fund sufficiency, a return ticket and accommodation, you will be able to stay for 4 months, and if you are still around on the expiration of 4 months, you will be required to obtain a visa.

Micronesia allows you to stay for 30 days having produced a Nigerian passport, a return ticket and sufficient fund.

Nauru is another Oceania country that offers a visa-free visitation to Nigerian passport holders. Nigerian Travelers will be required to obtain a visa upon arrival in Nauru.

Palau also offers Nigerians a 30-day visa on arrival. It has spectacular tourist attractions such as Palau International Coral Reef Center, the Etpison Museum, Icebox Park and Nikko Bay.

Lying between New Zealand and Hawaii, Samoa is another ocean country with fascinating waterfalls, romantic beaches and exciting caves, it is also a country that allows Nigerian passport holder to visit easily. Samoa grants Nigerians a 60-day visa on arrival.

Tuvalu is another easy destination for Nigerian travellers, although, without complex architectural aesthetic, it offers great beaches and traditional atmosphere. It also offers a 30-day visa on arrival for Nigerian travellers.

Consisting of 83 islands, Yasur Volcano, Coolidge dive and lots more, Vanuatu offers a 30-day visa-free for Nigerian passport holders.

In despite the complex visa processing requirements, you can now spend some times outside the shore of Nigeria without being through the visa processing stress. Many of these visa-free nations offer great experiences sometimes better than what countries with visa requirements can offer, and then, you can travel to beautiful destinations in the world with your Nigerian passport alone.

Advice for Nigerians travelling to visa-free Countries

If you are a Nigerian travelling to visa-free countries, ensure you have enough fund that will be enough to sponsor your trip when some visa-free countries even require you to provide evidence of financial capability, it is important that you do not spend all on items that are not necessary to avoid serious international embarrassment.

In the case of countries that require a visa on arrival, do ensure you travel with all necessary documents in order to avoid wasting time on things.

With the current international reputation of the country across the globe, you are advised to comport yourself in the most acceptable manner to avoid sanctions.

We wish you the best on your trips.