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12 small New Year’s resolutions that will change your life

naijadazz-new-year-resolution-chnage-your-lifeTired of trying and failing to fulfil your New Year resolutions? Research suggests that many people abandon their resolutions after 2 weeks of the New Year.

Apparently, the failure is because they opted for a wrong resolution. You will need to trim down your resolutions to make them attainable – something you know you can achieve in 365 days.

But even if you come up with splendid or simple choices, not every year offers the time or mental energy needed to take on a huge challenge.

You need time and concentration to work on it. There is nothing wrong in skipping lofty resolutions – the small resolutions can still make a significant impact in your life.

Read a book

Reading is not only an ideal way to learn something and stay abreast of development in this digital age – but it is an also a good way to gain compassion, network with others and keep your brain and mind razor sharp.

Practice reading each day and it has been scientifically proven that continuous reading strengthens the brain; start with one book and see if the habit sticks.

Save 2000 Naira a week

It is not much to save 1000 Naira every week. You are cultivating the habit of saving but if you struggle to save anything at all, then you would need some adjustments in your budget spending.

There are 52 weeks in a year, so by the end of December, you’ll have set aside N52, 000. That’s nothing to scoff at!

With this kind of cash, you can visit Seychelles with your family and enjoy your time there.

Journal for 10 minutes every day

Journaling is when you spend time doing things valuable to yourself than to spend marathon hours starring at YouTube videos or watching photos of friends on Instagram.

Take a break to jot down positive thoughts about who you really are and what you intend to be. You may discover your real person through this habit or even figure out how to work out stabbing emotions that have been weighing you down.

Most successful people make it a morning routine to get themselves ready for daily activities.

Try a new form of exercise

Not all exercise may be good for you. Life is too short to spend it on gruelling exercise that you do not enjoy. There are loads of exercises out there; it just a matter of time to find one that suits your need.

Try something new like biking or swimming. You can sign up for boxing or kickboxing training. Get out of your comfort zone!

Stretch every day

Taking care of your body can sometimes be surprisingly simple. Stretching has meaningful impact on your body, helping the blood circulation and increasing flexibility of the joints and shoulder.

Do you sit all day in a workplace? Stretching your upper back can help with the negative consequences of slouching.

Wash your face every night before bed

If you have not been doing this, you need to start. Even without acne, you still need to take extra care of your skin. Just like you brush your mouth every morning, make it a habit to wash your face every night before you go to bed

Call your friends and family more often

Make out time to call your parents, family relatives, and even friends. Cultivate the habit of speaking to people close to you – just to keep in touch with the people you care about.

Social connection is paramount in growing and keeping relationship and giving a family member a call may in the real sense extend their life.

Drink more water

Take a bottle of water everywhere you go or start counting the cups of water you drink each day.

You can stay at home and drink at least 2 litres every day – just make it a habit and see how you feel internally. The consequences of dehydration are very real!

Give a compliment every single day

This may sound odd but it really works. Give compliment at least once per day. The crazy thing is that it helps you as it helps the person who receives them.

Not really on appearance, but on generosity, personality or sense of humour.

Volunteer for a good cause

This may sound weird to some Nigerians but it is part of life. It is consequential. You need to be contributing to get something you in return.

You may volunteer and learn new skills, build on new experience or improve your mental health.

You can meet other like-minded people and feel good about having contributed.

Create a family photo album

Sometimes because of job some people do not have time to take family photos.

Set aside some time to take new photos, re-organise photos and select some family photos into an album.

It gives you something to browse with your loved ones.

Learn one skill to add to your resume

Don’t get stuck in one skill year after year. Add something to yourself by learning new things. Information or knowledge is power.

You may improve your grammar, writing style or learn new tricks on Excel or Photoshop.

Make it a goal to master it by the end of the year as this may be what will set you apart the next time you apply for a job.

Francis Uzoh

He writes for Naijadazz.