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9mobile data plans for 2019 – Subscriptions, prices and activation codes

9mobile-data-subscriptions-codes9mobile, formerly known as Etisalat, is one of the fastest networks in Nigeria. Its speed and quality of internet connectivity make it an ideal choice for users who prefer a fast connection to the internet. 9mobile data prices are a bit expensive when compared to other networks such as MTN, GLO, and Airtel, however, there are still many who prefer this network. The 9mobile network is fast, reliable, has a wide coverage and offer users what they can consume within a specific period.

These qualities make 9mobile one of the best data providers in Nigeria; I mean, why buy a data plan you would end up not using due to slow connection when you can just have a fast one that’ll suit your needs.

If you prefer a super-fast network or have a task that requires a network that would not take an eternity to load just one website, then 9mobile is perfect for you. We’ll cover all you need to know about subscription codes and prices for 9mobile data plans 2019.

How can I buy data On 9Mobile?

9mobile offers different mobile data plans to suit the needs and lifestyle of its users. From monthly data plans to weekend plans, daily plans, weekly plans, evening plans, etc., 9mobile data plan carters to different user needs.

The best part is that these data bundles can be used on various devices such as ios, Android Phones, PC, Modem, game console and other devices that connect to the internet.

Generally, you can buy data on 9mobile by visiting the data store.

To visit 9mobile data store, simply dial *200#. From the list of options, select 3(data) and send. This will take you to the data store where you will find all available data bundles. However, there are specific subscription codes to various 9mobile data bundles. You will find them below.

 9mobile subscription codes 2019

There are various subscription plans for different data plans available on 9mobile. The subscription code to use depends on the data bundle you intend to purchase. To get 9mobile subscription codes via SMS, text ‘help’ to 229 for further instructions.

Chat pak

Chat pak is one of the 3 data plans( chat pak, video pak, social) available on 9mobile smart paks. This plan is specifically tailored for social media apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Wechat, Facebook, etc.

  • To subscribe to chat pak daily plan @ N50, simply dial *343*5*5#. This plan gives you access to WhatsApp and Wechat. Valid for 24hours.
  • For Chat pak weekly plan @ N150, dial *343*5*6# to subscribe. This data bundle gives you access to WhatsApp and Wechat. Valid for 7 days.
  • For Chat pak monthly plan @ N400, dial *343*5*7#. This plan gives you access to WhatsApp and Wechat only. Valid for 30 days.

There are also special paks if you desire more data. Subscription codes and prices to these plans are below.

  • For special smart chat plan with 1.5GB data allowance @ N500, dial *343*5*10# to subscribe. This plan gives you access to WhatsApp, Wechat, and Facebook messenger.
  • For special smart social pak plan with 2GB data allowance @ N700, dial *343*6*12# to subscribe. This plan gives you access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Eskimi, Instagram, Wechat, and Kakao Talk.

Data plans for Smartphone

9mobile smartphone data plans are ideal for all smartphone devices. They are designed towards the needs of users and offer various packages that’ll suit your pocket. Whether you’re a heavy user, average user, or light user, this data plan got your back any time, any day.

  • To subscribe 500MB @ N500, dial *229*2*12# or SMS ‘LCD2’ to 229
  • For 1GB @ N1000, dial *229*2*7# or text ‘LCD2’ to 229
  • For 1.5GB @ N1200, dial *229*2*25# or text ‘AND11’ to 229
  • For 2.5GB @N2000, dial *229*2*8# or text ‘AND2’ to 229
  • For 5.5GB @ N4000, dial *229*2*36# to subscribe.
  • For 11.5GB @ N8000, dial *229*2*5# or text ‘MB6’ to 229
  • For 15GB @ N10,000, dial *229*4*1# or text’SM1′ to 229
  • For 27.5GB @ N18,000, dial *229*4*3# or text ‘SM3’ to 229

Note: All these data bundles are valid for 30 days

Video streaming

For video fans, this one is for you. Video streaming plan is ideal for users who constantly stream videos on video apps such as YouTube. From football matches to new movies and videos from your favourite artist, this data will serve your needs. With this plan, you can stream videos for hours and the best part of this bundle is in its ability to suit the needs and budget of various users.

  • For 2 hours of video streaming @ N400, dial *229*3*5# to subscribe.
  • For 3 hours of video streaming @ N500, dial *253*1#
  • For 7 hours of video streaming @ N1000, dial *253*2#
  • For 15 hours of heavy streaming @ N2,500, dial * 253*6#
  • For 40 hours of heavy streaming @ N6000, dial *253*7#
  • For 80 hours of heavy streaming @ N11,000, dial *253*8#

Daily plans

9mobile daily data plan is the smallest data plan available. It is only valid for 24hours and very pocket friendly. This plan is best for 2G and most 3G phones or browsers like Opera mini that conserves data. If your phone is a data sucking machine, this plan is definitely not for you. However, if you are on a tight budget and want to surf the internet for a few minutes without subscribing for the monthly, weekend, evening, or other plans, then this plan is for you.

To subscribe 10MB @ N50, dial *229*3*8# or text ‘M13’ to 229

For 40MB @ N100, dial *229*3*1# or text ‘M11’ to 229

All daily plans are valid for 24hours.

Weekly plans

Weekly plans are also another pocket-friendly plan. If you’re a light user and need a data bundle that lasts longer than a daily plan but not as expensive as smartphone(monthly) plans, then this plan is just for you.

For 150MB @ N200, dial *229*2*10# or text LCD to 229 to subscribe. Valid for 7 days.

Evening Plans

Evening plans are suitable for users who prefer night browsing. It gives you access to videos, social apps, and all your internet needs from evening till early morning.

For 1GB Night only @ N200, dial *229*3*11# to subscribe. Valid for 24hours within the hours of 12am-5am.

Most evening plans are also weekend plans. You’ll find plans that are evening as well as weekend plans below.

 Weekend plans

Most evening plans are also weekend plans. It’s perfect for you if your free hours are on weekends or just at night. These plans are also more durable than daily and weekly plans but are limited to weekends and certain hours on weekdays.

  • For 1GB @ N500, dial *5995*2#. This data bundle is active between 11:59pm Friday to 11:59 Sunday.
  • For 2GB evening and weekend plan @ N1000, simply dial *229*3*12# to subscribe. This data bundle is active between 7pm-7am on weekdays and all hours on the weekend. Valid for 30 days.
  • For 5GB evening and weekend plan (+ 100MB Whatsapp available 24/7) @ N2000, dial *229*3*13#. This data plan is active between 7pm-7am on weekdays and all hours on weekends. Valid for 30 days.

These are all available 9mobile data plans 2019 for chat pak, video pak, smartphone data, weekly, weekend, and evening plans. Autorenewals and data rollover apply to all 9mobile data plans. To opt out, simply dial *229*0# to cancel autorenewals or text ‘STOP’ to 229.

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