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Airtel Nigeria customer care contact details

Airtel is one of the leading network providers in Nigeria at this moment with millions of subscribers. As one of the prominent networks in Nigeria, people subscribe to this network on a daily basis.

Due to this, most Airtel users are always looking for information about their packages and services, especially if they are facing any challenges while using them. In order to get this information, the most genuine method is to contact one of their service representatives to enlighten you or help resolve the issues.

Both old and new users of Airtel network are in search for regular updates on unlimited data plans, airtel data plans, tariff plans, airtel bonuses, opting in and cancelling of promotional messages or packages, and a host of others. You can resolve complaints or make enquires as regards any of the highlighted packages and many more.

Customer service representatives are committed to offering quality services and answering all your enquires or complaints to ensure that you enjoy the service seamlessly. In this article, we will be exploring the various medium of contacting Airtel customer care representative.

Customer Care Number

One of the widely used methods is by contacting one of the service representatives via phone call. In fact, many consider it as the fastest and easiest way of making complaints or enquires about Airtel packages and network services.

However, note that you will have to wait for a few minutes or hours before a representative picks your call. All you need to do to access this service is to dial 111 or 121 from an Airtel line. If you are using another network, dial 08021500111 or 08021500121. If you are making the calls from another country, simply dial +2348021500111 or +2348021500121.

Airtel Customer Care on Facebook

If you don’t have enough time and you want a quick response, I will suggest that you consider this option. All you need to do is to click on this link; https://www.facebook.com/airtelng and drop your complaints or enquires. Usually, a representative will respond within a few minutes.

Airtel Customer Care on Twitter

If you are active on twitter and you want a quick response, this option is for you. Their dedicated twitter account is @airtel_care and they will respond within a short time.

Airtel service centres

Airtel has numerous services centres in different parts of the country. When you get there, you get to see one of their representatives and discuss any issues. Their service centres are highlighted in this link below; http://africa.airtel.com/wps/wcm/connect/africarevamp/nigeria/home/personal/airtel-world/customercare/find_a_store

Feedback Form

Another platform you can explore is the feedback form. Here, you can send in your enquires, messages and complaints. The link to the feedback form is highlighted below: https://www.airtel.com.ng/give_your_feedback

Email contact

You can also reach their service representative via this email address; customercare@ng.airtel.com

Post Office (Letter)

If you think this is the best option for you, you can send the Airtel customer care a letter. Here is their post office address.

Plot L2, Banana Island,

Foreshore Estate,

Ikoyi Lagos,


Oni Olatunji

This article was written by Oni Olatunji.