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Top Car selling sites in Nigeria

There are numerous sites in Nigeria to auction your car for sale without much hassle and complications. Whether it is a second-hand car or used car, the car selling sites highlighted below are reliable and can be relied upon whenever you are looking to purchase a car.


Most auto dealers have exploited the potentials and benefits associated with internet marketing, online sales, and promotions of products and services. Auto dealers now have their own websites and sales pages which they use to promote and market their products and services.

Read on to find out the popular car sales websites in Nigeria.



Cheki platform was launched in 2011 and it is currently one of the most popular online stores, perfectly designed to suit the needs of Nigerians. They are not designed to sell cars directly to people but acts as an online market platform that links up buyers and sellers of automotive together to strike a business deal. This online platform provides an ideal platform for car dealers, car importers, and private sellers to display their auto products to potential customers. Asides from providing a reliable online platform, they also have a well-designed online app that can be used to access their online platform, thereby creating more exposure and enhancing the experience of their customers.

Contact details

Phone: +234-08139859971, +234-8139859972

Website: www.cheki.com.ng

Email: info@cheki.com.ng


Carmudi Nigeria provides you with useful information that helps when making purchase decisions. They ensure that real car buyers are linked up with genuine auto dealers or sellers. They also ensure that valid information is passed across to the customers as prescribed by the manufacturer.

It is important to get professional advice and suggestions when it comes to making educated purchase decisions because investing in automobiles and other motor accessories isn’t a small venture, so this is the reason why it is essential to get it right on your first attempt. Carmudi’s established professionals will provide all the details you may need about the automobiles listed on their website.

The exciting fact about Carmudi, when compared to most car sales sites in Nigeria, is that it is managed by a team of professional expatriates. Asides this, Carmudi platform is also accessible in many countries and that points out its reputation and organization. Recently, they changed their name to “Jumia Car” and are widely regarded as the largest online sellers of automobiles in the country.

Nigerian Car Dealers

This platform is widely considered as the most organized car sales websites designed for Nigerians.

If you check this website, you will come across a well-organized website that is created to make purchasing vehicles and other automobiles easy and seamless. As applicable to most car sales websites, this platform does not sell automobiles to people directly but only act as a marketplace for genuine buyers and auto dealers to transact business. However, it is advisable that you know who you are dealing with and ensure that you don’t fall into wrong hands. These websites create an avenue for you to purchase and sell used cars.

Therefore, if you are looking to disposing of your present vehicle, you can make the sale on their website. Contact them via their website – www.nigeriancardealers.com

Affordable Cars Nigeria

Affordable Cars Nigeria is another trusted car sales website available in the online marketplace. This reputable auto dealer was established to suit the needs and interest of Nigerians and it was launched in 1995 and has been rendering quality services to its teeming clientele. This website is not established for the sole purpose of selling and buying of motor vehicles; they also provide uninterrupted support and auto care, so this implies that if you are looking for a reliable place to repair vehicles, this platform should be on your list. Their clientele ranges from individuals from several sectors which include; government institutions, corporate organizations and private individuals. Asides from having an online presence, Affordable Nigeria also has a physical office located at Ikeja and Lekki.

Contact details

You can get in touch with them through their website – www.affordablecarsng.com or visit their corporate office located at 76 Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos State.

Inspired Autos

Inspired Autos is an automobile dealership that has a massive online presence. They offer numerous services ranging from the sales of used cars and brand new cars as well as allowing you to make a pre-order if you are interested. Their cars are generally imported from the U.S.A and Canada. Asides this, Inspired Autos offer repair and car diagnostics services. Other services include upgrade and customization of car kits, sales of vehicle tracking systems and auto baking. This platform is known to consistently provide top-quality services.

Their contact details are highlighted below;

Website: www.inspiredautos.com

Email: sales@inspiredautos.com

Phone number:  08023050886, 08098900889.

Car 45

Car45 is another online marketplace where you complete the process of selling and buying of cars in less than 1 hour. If you are a car seller, this website makes the process uncomplicated for you through its partnership with numerous car dealers scattered all over the country who are consistently bidding for automobiles in real time. The platform is structured to work in 3 simple ways. First, input the details of your automobile on their website and expect the evaluation result to be out within 10 seconds. If you are satisfied with the result, you can then take your automobile to any of their stores closest to you. After that, they would inspect the car and make the purchase within 45 minutes. If you are interested in this platform, visit their website – www.car45.com


Although Olx is a popular place where you can get a diverse range of products, the good thing is that you can also get tokumbo cars on this platform. We advise that you follow the guidelines as provided by Olx website when you proceed to either sell your car or purchase a used car. This is to avoid the fraudsters who are always lurking around looking for whom to defraud. Their website address is – www.olx.com.ng


Jiji is a trusted platform for selling and purchasing products such as cars and phones. They have a platform that connects both the sellers and buyers scattered in different parts of the country. Regardless of your range of price, Jiji will always offer you the one that suits your budget. Website address: www.jiji.ng/cars


Like Olx, Efritin also connects both the buyers and sellers together. Another feature of this website is that it gives you the chance to advertise your automobile before you finally connect with the potential buyer. Website address: www.efritin.com


The unique thing about Carxus platform is that they don’t deal with only cars, they also offer different ranges of automobiles like boats, trucks, automobiles, vehicle parts, etc. Also, the website is designed to enable people to beam their search for cars in their country, region, city or even the location of the car. With superb technology, it helps connect car buyers and sellers from different parts of the world. Website address: http://www.carxus.com/

Tips to sell your cars

Collect your paperwork

Ensure that you have the necessary paperwork and complete the tasks highlighted below before you list your cars for sale. First, locate your car’s title; this is referred to as a pink slip which ensures that you have the legal authority to sell the car. Second, check with your lender; if you are yet to balance the payment on your automobile’s loan, contact the lender prior to the final sale of the car. Third, visit the DMV online; liaise with the state’s department of automobiles to see the necessary documents required to transfer ownership. Lastly, endeavour to order for a vehicle history report.

Know the Market

You must know the market value of your car by checking online classified ads to see the amount of money being asked by sellers for your type of car. Always remember that dealers will have a range of prices compared to private part listings. The internet platforms allow you to search with certain criteria. For instance, select the trim level and year of your car to check the number of similar cars available in the marketplace. Take note of their mileage, geographical location, condition, and selling price so you can quote a price range for your car.

Make your car look attractive and give it a curb appeal

Whenever a buyer shows up to check your car, they have to look interested. This is termed as curb appeal. Note that you don’t have to fix every scratch and little dent, but endeavour to vacuum the car and clear off all the dirt that is accumulated over the years. In addition, try to focus on all the details and parts that a prospective buyer will see or touch as he or she approaches the car.

Create ads that sell

A plethora of good photos will boost the confidence of the buyer. This implies that you should take photos of your car parked in a cool location with the excellent weather condition. Ensure that you take the picture of the car from different angles and areas which include the driver’s seat, the trunk, and the back seat. There are different online platforms to post your ads. We have already stated these platforms in the earlier part of this article.

Set up a test drive

Arrange a secure place to meet such as an open restaurant. If possible, take a trusted friend with you. After prospective buyers have checked the vehicle thoroughly, allow them to test drive the car but make sure that you monitor them closely. Give them the freedom to drive the car as they pleased and respond to any of their questions. Many buyers prefer to have the car inspected by a mechanic, although this is fine, always keep in mind that they are the ones to take care of the additional charges. If they come up with a laundry list of problems, you might have no choice than to lower your price. But always respond to problems that require urgent attention or are safety issues.

Close the deal

After test driving the car, the potential buyer will start negotiating. Do not shift grounds as regards the price and allow the buyer to make the opening offer. Negotiate slowly and make sure that it doesn’t build up a misunderstanding or disagreements. Before you accept a deal, ensure that the buyer is ready to make payment at that instant or at a later time but with legal backing.

How to avoid fraud while selling your cars

Profile the buyer: Endeavor to communicate with the buyer on the phone. Ask buyers to provide their phone number and chat up with them; I assure you that the fraudulent ones will quickly disappear. It is normal practice these days to exchange text messages about purchasing a used car, but I recommend that you opt for a quick phone chat. As you discuss with the prospective buyer, use your initiatives. If anything makes you uncomfortable or the buyer makes a bogus request, you should reject the deal without delay.

Follow the money: Before you agree to meet the prospective buyer, inform him/her that you only accept cash. However, if the buyer is bent on paying with a bank’s check, follow him/her to the bank and ensure that all deals are in line with the legal standard.

Don’t be impulsive: If you are overeager, there is every tendency that you will fall into the wrong hands and scammers tend to exploit such situations. In order to avoid this, it is advisable that you take your time and avoid being hasty.

Meet in a secure location: The good places to meet potential buyers are in a safe location equipped with video surveillance. In fact, you can take a trusted friend with you to eliminate any doubt.

Avoid buyers with bogus claims or unnecessary drama: Many scams usually begin with unusual requests such as to export a car out of the country. In some instances, scammers act as military personnel to elicit feelings of patriotism or gain sympathy. The best way out of this is to cancel such requests instantly.

Oni Olatunji

This article was written by Oni Olatunji.