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How to check your data balance on MTN

If you use an MTN line, it is very important you have an idea on how to check your data balance. This is because there will be times you notice you can no longer do the things you usually do when you have data on your phone. If you do not know what to do, how will you be able to verify your balance?


In this write-up, you will know just how.

All the ways you can check your MTN data balance are:

Code sending:

If you make use of an android phone, you can do this by:

  • Using this code *559#

After typing this and sending it, you will see a message with your available data balance.

With your mobile phone, use the steps below:

  • Dial *131#, after which you will see about 8 options
  • Input number 4 which is for balance checking

After doing this, you will see the summary balance of your data.

Do you know you can also find out about the balance of your shared data?

  • All you should do is type *461*7# and instantly your data balance will show.

Sending a text message:

Another way to know what the balance of your data is, send an SMS:

  • Send 403 to 131

Once you have done this, you will get a message showing what data is remaining

Calling MTN Customer Service:

What you can also do is call MTN’s customer care line.

  • Dial 180, follow the voice prompt and choose the option that applies to you

If you type the number that corresponds with data balance checking, it will automatically tell you how much data you have remaining.

I hope with this you are now informed on how you can check your data balance.

Priscillia Peters

This article was written by Priscillia Peters.