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Devastating Floods Ravage Kenya: 91 Missing, over 185,000 Displaced in Nairobi Crisis


The raging floodwaters have brought unimaginable heartbreak to the people of Nairobi. Families are torn apart, homes destroyed, and a growing sense of desperation hangs in the air.

Isaac Mwaura, a government spokesperson, shared the grim statistics – 91 people are missing, and over 190,000 Kenyans have been displaced. “Nairobi County is the worst hit, with over 145,000 of our fellow citizens being forced from their homes,” he said, his voice heavy with sorrow.

In the hard-hit town of Mai Mahiu, the scene is one of utter devastation. Locals described the disaster as water bursting through a clogged tunnel under a railway bridge, sweeping away everything in its path. So far, 71 people have been confirmed dead.

One resident, a motorbike taxi driver who wished to remain anonymous, recounted his harrowing experience. “I provided fuel for the power saws the community is using to clear the uprooted trees and mud. But we need the government to send in excavators – there are still people trapped, and we’re desperate to find them.”

Kenyan President William Ruto has ordered the military to join the search and rescue efforts, as the nation grapples with this unfolding tragedy. The government has set up 52 displacement camps to provide temporary shelter, but the need is overwhelming.

Jagan Chapagain, the IFRC Secretary General, warned that the crisis is far from over. “Kenya is facing a worsening flood situation due to the combined effects of El Niño and the ongoing rainy season. More heavy rainfall is expected, which threatens to exacerbate the suffering.”

In the midst of this disaster, the resilience and humanity of the Kenyan people shines through. Neighbors are banding together, digging through the debris for hours to recover the bodies of the missing. The government is providing aid, but the need is great, and the road to recovery will be long.

As the floodwaters recede, the true toll of this catastrophe will become clearer. But one thing is certain – the people of Nairobi will need the compassion and support of the global community to heal and rebuild their shattered lives.

Izu Mgbaemena

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