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Fiscal Harmony: N1.208 Trillion Distributed Across Nigeria’s Tiers of Government

In a resounding display of commitment to grassroots development, the Federation Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC) has orchestrated a harmonious distribution of wealth, ensuring that the lifeblood of prosperity courses through the veins of our beloved local communities. As the month of May unfurls its petals, a staggering N1.208 trillion in revenue has been meticulously allocated, with a significant portion earmarked for Local Government Councils across the nation. This monumental figure eclipses the N1.017 trillion distributed in the preceding month of March, signaling a resurgence of economic vitality that resonates directly with the aspirations of our local populace. The total distributable revenue is a symphony of diverse streams, each note contributing to the grand melody of prosperity.

Streams of Abundance for Local Development

The distributable statutory revenue, a wellspring of N284.716 billion, forms the foundation upon which this economic edifice is built, providing a solid base for local initiatives and projects. Complementing this bedrock is the distributable Value Added Tax (VAT) revenue, a staggering N466.457 billion, a testament to the vibrancy of our nation’s commercial landscape and its potential to uplift local economies. Yet, the symphony does not end there. The Electronic Money Transfer Levy (EMTL) revenue, a harmonious N18.024 billion, echoes the digital age’s embrace of innovation and progress, opening new avenues for local communities to thrive. And like a crescendo, the exchange rate differential revenue, a resounding N438.884 billion, adds depth and richness to this financial overture, ensuring that local development initiatives are well-funded and sustainable.

Wise Allocation for Local Development

While the total revenue available in April 2024 soared to a staggering N2.192 trillion, the FAAC’s judicious approach ensured that deductions for cost of collection (N80.517 billion) and transfers, interventions, and refunds (N903.479 billion) were meticulously accounted for, resulting in the distributable amount of N1.208 trillion. This prudent stewardship of resources is a testament to the FAAC’s unwavering commitment to fiscal responsibility, ensuring that every naira allocated to Local Government Councils is invested with precision and purpose, nurturing the seeds of sustainable growth and prosperity at the grassroots level. As this bountiful allocation reverberates across our nation’s local communities, it is a clarion call to embrace the spirit of unity, collaboration, and shared prosperity. For in this harmonious distribution lies the promise of a brighter tomorrow, where every citizen, regardless of their location, can partake in the fruits of our collective endeavors, and

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